For this assignment, you’ll be utilizing Twitter to build engagement around at weet.

First, you’ll want to decide on the brand and the tweet. For the assignment’s purposes, we will assume that your Twitter account is the Twitter account for your newly launch design business. This tweet can be anything such as a relevant news event, new product, an event, a sale, or story. Next, write a blog post answering the following:

What is the brand and what is the objective?

What is the copy (the tweet)?

What is the potential artwork?

Who is the audience and what is your reach? Use the Twitter ads tool to determine reach.

How did you determine this and did you use demographic, interest, keyword, or username targeting?

What is the budget?

Featured image: flickr photo shared by MDGovpics under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

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10 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • Mad Designs. Mad Skills. (Maddy Payne)

    Brand: For this assignment, we had to use our Twitter account as the Twitter account for a new business of our choosing. I decided to go with a tattoo artist. To clarify, I have never in my life given anyone a tattoo before. And to further clarify, I do not believe that ever in my …

    Continue reading “Mad Designs. Mad Skills.”

  • The Porch (Jake Henry, @jakehenry_)

    This is an assignment about social media.

  • The Porch (Jake Henry)

    For this assignment, I am required to build engagement a tweet for a specific brand. The brand I chose is…

  • Tweet Tweet (Site Title)

    For this assignment, I was required to make a tweet for a business that I come up with and get users involved in my tweet. The brand is 2 Step Boots and the objective of this tweet is to get OU college students involved and spread awareness. The idea is that each college student would…Read more Tweet Tweet

  • Hire me please (Alec Plourde, @hiimale)

    For this assignment, I am going to focus on a tweet mentioning my availability in the job force. I would assume that I would tweet this the day after graduation to hopefully get people to hire me as an Art Director. Objective: Get a job so my parents continue to love me and I can… Read more »

  • QuikPrints (Ryan Cass, @_ryancass_)

    QuikPrints: a convenient way to get your prints, how you want them, as fast as possible.

  • JoBelle Designs (Audrey Gililland)

    Brand: This challenge’s purpose is to assume that my Twitter account is the Twitter account for my newly launch design business. I named my design business JoBelle Designs because “Jo Belle” is my nickname and I believe it flows pretty well. The design business focuses on calligraphy (I’ve actually never tried calligraphy but I’ve always wanted […]

  • We Accept the Sales We Think We Deserve (Mackenzie Metzger)

    For this assignment, I chose to advertise the clothing brand, Free People. Because this brand is already well known, some people may not browse their website regularly because of how expensive some of the items are. The objective is to drive more traffic to our website so that we can fully reach that “iffy” audience. […]

  • Think Minimal (This Must be the Place)

    For this assignment I decided the brand would be a clothing store, that has stylish yet fairly affordable clothing. They like minimalist clothing, so they carry lots of basics that have a stylish twist. Maybe a interesting cut, buttons, or a really nice material. 

    I’ve called this brand, “Back to Basics” and with the tweet I’m trying to advertise a sale on sweaters for the cooler weather. 

    the copy: Find great basics for the cool weather! Shop sweaters for 30% off.

    The potential artwork would be a a few of their sweaters and cardigans laid out for the customer to see what’s in the sale.

    The targeted audience would be young men and women in their 20′s. Age range would be 20-30. Like on Facebook, the budget for the ad would be $5 a day and would only run for the length of the sale.

  • AdverTies (Emily Gohl, @gohlemily)

    Tweeting after midnight for a startup-focused advertising agency

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