Recreate the Stranger Things title card as if you had your own 80s throwback thriller.

Hopefully you’ve done yourself some good service by watching the 80s inspired Netflix show Stranger Things. One interesting conversation that has come out of the show is the title sequence reminiscent of old Stephen King paperbacks. I found this one to be particularly rad that I wanted to add it as a possible assignment. Included are a couple tutorials including one I found on YouTube and then one of me taking it a step further for an example.

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Example for "Create a Stranger Things Title Card":

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10 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • Keep Norman Stranger (Meredith, @merebmagee)

    Check out my blog post to see how I keep Norman stranger!

  • Farmer John (Jake Henry, @jakehenry_)

    This is an exercise about recreating the Stranger Things title.

  • Farmer John (Jake Henry)

    Farmer John has no significance whatsoever it was just a convenient arrangement of words that popped into my head whilst…

  • Just Nicholas Cage Things (Maddy Payne)

    I would like to start this post by admitting I am a huge Nicholas Cage enthusiast. Everything – not just something – about him is incredible. This being said, I have not actually seen Stranger Things, but the extremely popular show and Nicky Cage have something in common: Both are dearly loved by the public. …

    Continue reading “Just Nicholas Cage Things”

  • Hannah Michelle- A Stranger Thing (The Dennington )

    I would like to start off by saying that I have not watched Stranger Things, but I have heard a lot about it through many of my friends, and I plan to watch it soon. As someone who considers herself a lover of oddity, I know I will enjoy thoroughly this show. I decided to […]

  • Breakfast Things (This Must be the Place)

    This challenge I found a bit more challenging than I had expected. There were a lot more steps and I had trouble with getting the font to work. I thought it looked a bit better before I saved it as a JPEG, I don’t know if there’s something else I could’ve saved it as? But I lost a lot of the glow effect. 

    Like everyone else, I also fell in love with the show over the summer. Can’t wait for the second season to come out. 

  • Stranger Things Title Sequence (Vanessa Zielinski)

    I am all about the new and upcoming ‘Netflix Takeover’ that is sweeping the nation, maybe even the world. It’s cool to see people take control of their creativity and create a platform that is open to ideas that do not have to be as roughly regulated as before. Netflix has accumulated quality television shows … Continue reading “Stranger Things Title Sequence”

  • Stranger Service (Mackenzie Metzger)

    Stranger Things is easily one of my favorite TV shows. From the soundtrack to the acting to the storyline, I successfully watched the 1980s-esque series in two days. With that being said, I could not wait to get started on this challenge. This is the first time I have ever worked with Photoshop and thanks to a […]

  • “mouth breather” (Advertising Portfolio )

    I absolutely LOVED this challenge! The more I use photoshop the better I feel about myself, I just love learning this skill. This was the absolute best way to keep me engaged as well since I LOVE the netflix series “Stranger Things.” So it was extremely fun to put my yen spin on it and … Continue reading ““mouth breather””

  • Strange Copy and Layout (Croom’s Tutorials)

    I used the tutorial that was done at nerdygirlcreative to create a Stranger Things inspired title card for Ad Copy and Layout. First, let me say I appreciate how well she explains the process as it was easy for me to follow along (although I should also recognize that I know a little bit more […]

1 Tutorial for this Challenge

  • Tutorial from "nerdygirlcreative" (Adam Croom, @acroom)

    I found this tutorial to be pretty straightforward and very detailed in the explanation. If you like these tutorials, I would recommend checking out nerdygirlcreative’s site for more tutorials and Photoshop freebies.

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