Edit your photo color’s to appear as if you have used the Instagram filter Amaro.

Instagram has sure made photo editing easy? In fact, some people don’t realize how processing is happening to a photo when you add a filter. This assignment gives you a window into how Instagram alters the image state and gives you some hands on practice with working with color inside of Photoshop. The beginning and the end of your project will look something like this:


Photo via Stocksnap.io.

I’ve created a video tutorial that I highly suggest you check out!

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19 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • #NoFilter (Meredith, @merebmagee)

    Check out my blog to see my edited photo!

  • Photoshop Challenge (Jake Henry, @jakehenry_)

    This is an exercise about using photoshop to edit pictures.

  • Amaro? More like Amazing (Jake Henry)

      This exercise was very fun for me because I’ve always loved using photoshop and I always use Instagram filters…

  • DIY Instagram Filters? Inconceivable (Ryan Cass, @_ryancass_)

    When you finally figure out that you don’t need to edit your photos with pre-made filters, but that you can make your own, you will be better off.  I am now better off.

  • Aww….Isn’t He Cute or What? (The World of Advertising)

    Oh Lord.. (sign) Photoshop is one program that I am still getting used to. This assignment was pretty fun. I never have much time to have play and create with the software like I did with this assignment. For the… Continue Reading →

  • Alli’yonce & The Rest of The Children (Layout)

    Photoshop Challenge, Challenge 93 I am not very good at Photoshop. I have spent the last 35 minutes trying to figure out how in the hell to make myself smaller and this is what I ended up with. The cropping and smoothing process was a lot easier than the transferring and trying to find a tutorial … Continue reading “Alli’yonce & The Rest of The Children”

  • Instag… Sorry, I mean Photoshop (Wyatt Hebblethwaite)

    You know those many many many filters that Instagram provides it’s users?  Those are not as easy to replicate as I thought. The picture above was a stock  photo that I downloaded from StockSnap.io I then watched a tutorial video and what came out was the photo below I am happy with the way the …

    Continue reading “Instag… Sorry, I mean Photoshop”

  • Instagram 2.0 (Taylor Britt)

    This assignment definitely made me grateful for Instagram filters. Although I love playing around with Photoshop, it definitely takes much more effort than just selecting one of those already available filters on Instagram. This assignment was very challenging for me because I am basically technologically challenged. This challenge required me to pick a photo of …

    Continue reading “Instagram 2.0”

  • The Hard Way (Riley Denton, @righlayyy)

    Using Photoshop to make a photo look like the Amaro filter was applied.

  • Amaro By Morning, Up From San Antone (Lara Olivia Olfers)

    Challenge      Reflection   My grandparents came up to visit me this week, they had never seen the campus before so I was excited to show them around! They’re from Houston (which is kind of near San Antonio…) so I thought this blog title was fitting. I liked adding the filter on the picture … [Read more…]

  • Who Needs Instagram Anyway? (This Must be the Place)

    I was actually really looking forward to learning a bit more about photoshop. I’ve played around with it a little bit in the past, but not nearly enough to have a good grasp on the program.  

    This was my original photo, which I just got off of the suggested website.


    I thought the tutorial made things pretty simple, I just followed along until i reached the desired look. It was fun trying to figure everything out. While Instagram filters are pretty great, this could really help customize the look of my photos. With just a little extra effort, of course. 


    This was one of my favorites. I was sitting in class and my buddy had just gotten back from the beach in florida so I thought what better photo than this one. I have never really been great with things on a computer so this assignment helped me step out of my comfort zone and … Continue reading INSTAGRAM FILTER WHOOP WHOOP

  • Amaro Photoshop Challenge (Writer. Blogger. Learner. Doer.)

    Fu&%. That was my initial thought on being tasked to complete a Photoshop assignment. Oh but “you’re a millennial”, “you’re a technology native”. These phrases have been bounced around advertising classrooms for a few years now, and I for one never resonated. You just don’t understand. I am a copywriter. I write. Ok?  Wrong. As … Continue reading Amaro Photoshop Challenge

  • My Photoshop Filter vs. Instagram Filter (Drew’s News)

      This next picture is my  final attempt to recreate this same filter in Photoshop. This assignment was more challenging than I expected it to be. I have never used Photoshop before, and the videos definitely made it seem easier than it actually is. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without the […]

  • Instagrain (My Blah’g)

    Originally I thought this would be the easiest of all of the challenges in the challenge bank. I had planned to open an image, go to the filter gallery, apply, turn it in. However, I couldn’t find the look I was going for. I wanted the photo to look older than it actually is. I … Continue reading Instagrain

  • Are you hiring, Instagram? (caffeine encounters )

    Oh boy, I LOVED this challenge. I found recreating this Instagram filter so incredibly satisfying. Here is what my original image looked like: I took the boyfriend to OKC’s ferris wheel this weekend after we stopped watching the game in the third quarter. While there, we snapped this lil’ pic of us on the giant … Continue reading Are you hiring, Instagram?

  • Call me Miss.Tagram (Advertising Portfolio )

    I guess I dont need to spend hours deciding on which instagram filter to use for my photos! Now I can just create my own. Here is my Amaro Filtered Photo. I was extremely inspired by the autorail dog photo, so decided to use this photo of a dog  I took on a boat in Ireland! Honestly, the … Continue reading “Call me Miss.Tagram”

  • A New Instagram Employee (Instagram Filter Challenge) (Carter Skeen, @carterskeenad)

    You have to start somewhere! A first attempt at Photoshop using an instagram filter as a template.

  • A New Instagram Employee (Carter Skeen)

    I’m extremely new to Photoshop. I think that’s the first and foremost fact that should be laid out for all to see. This new challenge excites but also nerves me. Thankfully, this was not one too particularly over the head of a beginner. I started off by choosing an image from the recommended website, and… More A New Instagram Employee

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