Design a two-part print campaign that utilizes a play on words in the copy.

Viktor Kolodiazhnyi is rocking it with this oh-so-simple concept for Marshall Headphones and oh-so-effective series of print ads. Taking a rock and a metal ball, he adds earphones and transforms them into ‘hard rock’ and ‘hard metal.’

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17 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • Print Challenge Bank (Layout)

    Play on Words- This two-part ad was inspired by the chaos and confusement of finances in today’s world even though technology had advanced. The first piece was to illustrate how numbers are confusing and never align perfectly when trying to figure them out, especially when doing taxes. This ad would be ideal for an accounting … Continue reading “Print Challenge Bank”

  • Always Play With Your Food (Meredith, @merebmagee)

    Check out my fast-food themed play on words!

  • Three reasons to Dunkin’ (The World of Advertising)

    Who doesn’t love some Dunkin Donuts? I know I do! This project was really fun to create. It’s called “Play on Words” to  design a two-part print campaign that utilizes a play on words in the copy. I was able… Continue Reading →

  • Design Puns? (Wyatt Hebblethwaite)

    This was easily my most challenging assignment in my Advertising Copy and Layout.  Design is not something I will claim to be my forte and I have no intention of making this by lifeblood, but I still want to give this class my all.  I <3 advertising, therefore I will learn design skills. My challenge was …

    Continue reading “Design Puns?”

  • Rural Farmers // Urban Outfitters (Alec, @haia)

    For my print ads I took a clothing store (Urban Outfitters) and quite frankly the person that would be least expected to wear them (farmers) and combined them. I think this is kind of a play on words in the sense that our global culture is so real, that even rural farmers can wear urban… Read more »

  • UDOWN FOR AN ADVENTURE? (Ryan Cass, @_ryancass_)

    I have only one question to ask you:  Are you down?

  • Give Us Time to Work it Out (This Must be the Place)

    So I think things are going a little better this second time around. Might need a little more work, but I’m feeling alright about the project so far. With the play on word challenge I chose Apple, and I thought that really worked out with their recent release of the iPhone 7. I kinda just went with apple/nature puns. I kinda designed them around the same theme but not to necessarily go together. The puns I went with would probably contradict each other a little if they were printed together. Which I’m considering changing the puns so that they work together a bit better, but I wanted a little feedback first. 

    I did look at some apple print ad’s for inspiration, and I noticed they mostly went for a very minimal look to their advertisements. I tried to kinda stay to that simple look, while incorporating the play on words. 

  • Take Two (My Blah’g)

    Alright, so I made some small changes to the first image. Gave it a little more glitter if you will. Not a lot, just the right amount. I also changed the font because it was pointed out to me that it wasn’t very readable. Overall, I’m making my way through these assignments, but I’m not … Continue reading Take Two

  • First Draft (This Must be the Place)

    I decided to kinda use the play on words with the apple brand. Used well known puns about the fruit to advertise the electronics. 

    I definitely struggled trying to actually create my idea. I started used photoshop to make the apple shadow, but that took some time and a few videos. I need to go back in and actually make the Advertisement appealing. Add a little flair. Plus I definitely need a little more practice with photoshop. I’m glad this is a two week assignment, so I have the chance to work out all the kinks. Especially now that I have an idea, it’s just about actually executing that idea and the extra week will really help with that. 

  • Easy As Pi (Lara Olivia Olfers)

    I chose to do the play on words challenge mainly because I am a big lover of puns, I appreciate the cheesiness and the eye rolls that come with a perfectly placed pun. I was struggling to find a pun that was not only classic but could also represent a product of some kind, until I … [Read more…]

  • I Am (Emily Gohl, @gohlemily)

    I Am American Airlines

  • Focusin' on a dream car (Justin Schmidt, @schmidtstorm26)

    So when thinking of ideas for this project, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about cars, as I was watching a Regular Car Review video on the BMW M3 E30 (great channel totally recommend) and I ended up thinking about car names that would fit the play on words aspect. MUSTANG MUSTANG MUSTANG … FOCUS… Read more »

  • Playing with the Puns (My blog)

    For this weeks Print Challenge, I chose to do the play on words assignment. This one grabbed my attention because I love to make puns and figured that it would be easy for me to create some for a food product. The other challenges seemed too difficult to me in that I didn’t believe that … Continue reading “Playing with the Puns”

  • Play on words. More like play on my feels (My Blah’g)

    It could always be worse right? I really tried on this challenge. I felt like it was going to be a walk in the part after reading the details, and I had a ton of ideas on the direction I wanted to go… However, even with making advancements in PS, I’m still pretty lost when … Continue reading Play on words. More like play on my feels

  • Puns galore (caffeine encounters )

    Puns. Puns are AMAZING and extremely underrated. Sure, everyone rolls their eyes when a pun is tossed around, but I will love them until the end of time. I chose the play on words challenge bank instantly. I glanced at the other assignments, but I instantly knew which one I would enjoy the most. Food … Continue reading Puns galore

  • Playing With Your Food (Carter Skeen, @carterskeenad)

    Ketchup with old friends and relish your time with them

  • Playing With Your Food (Carter Skeen)

    For this weeks Print Challenge Bank, I chose the play on words assignment. I chose this because I felt it was easier to focus on the content of the ad and not the design itself. The other ones such as the fold and make the brand an adjective made me feel as if I would … More Playing With Your Food

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