Do you care about a current issue in our society and want others to be aware of it too?? Well here is your chance! Pick (or make up) some type of issue. Create a video public service announcement to promote the issue you would like to be resolved! You can be as serious as you want or as silly as you want! Just have fun with it!

Check out Salo Productions for examples of public service announcements.

Featured image: A Public Service Announcement From Otto by Ejbsf via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.

Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank. Originally submitted by Kiersten Pyrtle.

Example for "Public Service Announcement":

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7 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • Lane Signaling Awareness (The World of Advertising)

    Now I know everyone can admit to changing lanes without signalling other drivers. I am guilty myself (smh)! I drive back and forth from Norman to Oklahoma City three days out of the week. Almost every other day, I witness… Continue Reading →

  • Quick PSA – Post Election Blues (Debonair Dragonfly)

    To all of those who feel upset about this year’s election results, I feel your pain. This is the first election that I have ever participated in- and it was certainly not my last- but it was discouraging to say the…

  • Pumpkin PSA (This Must be the Place)

    For this one I decided to have a little more fun with the video. I enlisted my boyfriend as my sorta newscaster character. With this video I tried to poke fun at the holiday season and how people are a little hasty getting into the christmas spirit whe…

  • Sword Control (My Blah’g)

    Don’t judge. Please. I had fun with this, probably more fun than I should have, but all well. Moral of the story, its not a real sword, hopefully obviously. I didn’t think this was very difficult at all. Once I figured out the “i” and “o” shortcuts to get rid of all my un-needed footage. … Continue reading Sword Control

  • psa (My blog)

    With the current election consuming the media, It was a no brainer that I would do mine over the political views. I really feel like I strive when it comes to public speaking and I really enjoy learning new things. This assignment also forced me to turn on the news and see what was going … Continue reading psa

  • PSA with Penni (caffeine encounters )

    At first, I wanted to take the PSA assignment very seriously. Which, in the end, I did. Well, mock-seriously. If you know me, you know that when I have free time, I can be found volunteering at Norman Animal Welfare. Or Edmond Animal Welfare. Or Tulsa Animal Welfare. Any animal welfare, really. When I hear … Continue reading PSA with Penni

  • Save your furry little friends. (My blog)

    Link to view the video: For my first challenge, I chose to do the public service announcement challenge. I decided that I would make my video focus on the effects that secondhand smoke has on people’s pets. Even though it is not the most informational video, I believe that I got my point across in … Continue reading “Save your furry little friends.”

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