Rename something and then write a short blurb (around 100 words) on your blog announcing the new thing.

What’s easier to remember/spell: Volkswagen or The Bug? (Fun fact: I originally spelled Volkswagen wrong just writing that sentence so I think I proved my own point). The Bug is not only easier to remember, but it evokes the shape, friendliness, and humor of the car. Do you say the Physical Science Center or The Blender? It seems by simply having the nickname, The Blender, the building has entered into University of Oklahoma folklore (or at least given an affinity to an otherwise less-than-aesthetically pleasing establishment).

For this assignment, rename something. Really–anything. It could be a product, a company, yourself (look at you, Sean Combs!). As long as it’s something that you feel needs a new name. Once you’ve decided on your thing’s new name, write a short blurb (around 100 words) on your blog announcing the new thing.

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8 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • C.R. Saves (Maddy Payne)

    You’ve just finished watching the premier for Spiderman: Homecoming, and by now it’s 2 am. You and your friends are leaving the theater when you see something move in the shadows. Your pulse starts hammering as you try to see. One of your friends suddenly screeches as a large man jumps from behind a car …

    Continue reading “C.R. Saves”

  • Challenge Bank #1 (Layout)

      1. DESCRIBE YOUR ENVIRONMENT- In front of me, two white doors interrupt a completely blank, tan wall that meets a dark wood floor. There is a couch, and it’s twin, a TV, and curtains in this common room. With nothing to cover the floor, the room feels cold and empty but there’s comforting light … Continue reading “Challenge Bank #1”

  • The Sipper (Ava Lasiewski, @alasiewskimedia)

    Have you seen the new Yeti cups, tumblers and S’well bottles? Why do they all have long, confusing names when all of them require the same effort and the same conclusion? All that is required is to take a sip, no matter what contraption you choose to drink out of. I introduce to you, The… Read more »

  • Say Hello to “Squishy” (Audrey Gililland)

    Do you know someone who enjoys soft, fluffy pillows? Do you find it hard to tell the difference between types of pillows while shopping or at a friend’s house? Well that soft, fluffy pillow of yours or your friends can easily be understood if you just call it “squishy.” These are the types of pillows […]

  • Rename something (Cody Coyle, @codycoyle101)

    Cody Coyle

  • Challenge Bank: Copywriting #2 (Lara Olivia Olfers)

    Challenge A lot has changed at the University of Oklahoma since in December of 1890. OU has become a leader among public and private universities in all realms of education, sports, diversity, and more. We cherish the rich history our University has and we celebrate every moment that we can add a new tradition to our … [Read more…]

  • Swish (Peyton Sprague, @spraguepeyton)

    Have you ever struggled to remember somethings name and felt silly? Have you ever been trying to get your kids to clean and couldn’t think of the word for a certain cleaning instrument? Well, I have the solution for you! Instead of the boring old broom, just say the sound it makes! The ‘swish swish’… Read more »

  • The Flipper (Mackenzie Metzger)

    Are you sitting at home? Maybe staring at your TV, flipping through channels with your boring TV remote? Wanting to spice up your relaxation with a device that has a less intimidating name than remote? Look no further. All your problems are about to be solved with The Flipper. I want you to just try and be angry and say, “pass […]

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