This assignment is a riff on an Instagram account I ran across called calorie brands. The user has decided to replace popular guilty pleasure foods with the calorie count of the entire container, which can be very eye opening! For your project, do the same! Check out the tutorials for how I went about this assignment.

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13 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • That’s a little too much Sugar… (The World of Advertising)

    Mmm… I love Starbucks famous Caramel Frappuccino. After pondering for an hour (literally haha) trying to decide what I enjoy the most, I decided upon the Caramel frappuccino.  When researching the calorie intake, I was shocked of how much sodium,… Continue Reading →

  • Not Too Shabby for a Serving Size (Maddy Payne)

    For this challenge, I chose Hot Cheetos. They are my guilty pleasure, and I can eat an entire bag (not the just the individual size) in one sitting. For the assignment though, I decided to just do 160 calories. I also thought the design of the words on the bag would be slightly more of …

    Continue reading “Not Too Shabby for a Serving Size”

  • Cheez-It's (Alec Plourde, @hiimale)

    For this challenge, I chose the good ole Cheez-It’s that never let me down. I love the small details on the Cheez-It logo and I wanted to incorporate them into the food I oftentimes eat a lot more than 150 calories of. For example, from 2015 onwards, the – was replaced by a Cheeze-It! How… Read more »

  • Nilla Wafers – 1,400 Calories of Guilty Pleasure (Audrey Gililland)

    Nilla Wafers has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s the perfect late night snack (accompanied with milk, of course). The front of the box says it’s 140 calories per eight wafers, but who really only eats eight wafers? Not me! So I did the calorie count for the whole box (sorry, not sorry). […]

  • Happiness In a Jar (Taylor Britt)

    Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread that is sure to make your taste buds dance. This challenge was interesting because I got to deal with my favorite topic of all..FOOD! The challenge required us to choose a picture of our favorite guilty pleasure food and replace the name of it with the calorie count. I chose …

    Continue reading “Happiness In a Jar”

  • My Guilty Pleasure (My blog)

    For my second Photoshop challenge I decided to choose the one where you replace the brand name of your favorite food with the calorie count. I chose this one because I was intrigued to see how many calories were in my favorite guilty pleasure food and thought it would be fun practice. Auntie Anne’s cinnamon … Continue reading “My Guilty Pleasure”

  • Quesadillaholic (Mackenzie Metzger)

    Ahhhh. Taco Bell. My late night weakness. Despite how disgusting its reputation may be, nothing can keep me away from a T-Bell quesadilla when the clock strikes midnight. This quesadilla has the gooiest cheese, the creamiest jalapeño sauce, the crispiest tortilla, and the most delectable “not quite meat” meat. Somewhere in between that formula I fell in love. […]

  • My attempt at showcasing my love of Snickers (Writer. Blogger. Learner. Doer.)

    You’re not you when you’re hungry. Grab a Snickers. This 215 calorie, little bar sure does pack a caloric punch that leaves your hunger, well, gone. My hunger for learning Photoshop still continues though. I admit I sucked at this challenge, maybe the version I was using wasn’t as up to date, who knows? However … Continue reading My attempt at showcasing my love of Snickers

  • Self induced self-loathing: Photoshop Challenge #1 (caffeine encounters )

    Going into this, I knew whatever guilty-pleasure I chose to edit would make me feel bad about myself. A few years, I gave up soda cold turkey. However, over the summer, I gave in to my temptation to Pepsi. I’m from the northern midwest, where Pepsi bypasses Coke in popularity. I knew it had to … Continue reading Self induced self-loathing: Photoshop Challenge #1

  • The Calorie Monster (Carter Skeen, @carterskeenad)

    An attempt at the calorie counting Photoshop challenge! I chose my favorite, Blue Bell ice cream, for the challenge. I’m rather new to this walk of life so it took a bit more time than I had hoped for!

  • The Calorie Monster (Carter Skeen)

    So here is the finished product for the Photoshop challenge. To say the least, it was much more challenging than the instagram filter. The toughest part was attempting to match the color behind the photoshopped logo to match the rest of the product. I could not perfect the blend between both colors so there is… More The Calorie Monster

  • Cookie Calorie Count (Hannah Dennington, @concretelaundry)

    I am not good at Photoshop. But I gave it my best, and I know it’s not perfect, but it’ll do. I had some trouble shooting with the format and the font and all of that, but I think I ended up with something decent. I tried to do the feathering on the shadow below… Read more »

  • Cookie Calorie Count (The Dennington )

    Chips Ahoy. The food of the gods. I have loved these sinful cookies all my life, especially with milk (because duh). Today I used Photoshop to recreated my guilty pleasure based on the format and inspiration of the account @caloriebrands. Let’s keep in mind that my forte is Illustrator, and I am very much a […]

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