Wrap text around an image that you cutout in Photoshop.

This project will require you to cutout a photo in Photoshop and then use the Text Wrap tool in InDesign to place text around it. While it uses two different programs, it’s actually fairly easy to complete and a pretty neat little trick that is often used in magazine layout.

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20 Responses Completed for this Challenge

  • MAGA (Jake Henry, @jakehenry_)

    Wrapping text exercise.

  • MAGA (Jake Henry)

      Uh wow. This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I was excited to…

  • #Determined (Wyatt Hebblethwaite)

    For today’s episode of “What will Wyatt do for class?,” I cut away the background of a stock photo of a woman I found on the internet and practiced text-wrapping.  I got inspiration for a website for Women’s Rights called #Determined Here is a link to their website #DETERMINED the Picture I compiled contained a …

    Continue reading “#Determined”

  • InDesign Challenge Bank (Layout)

    Wrap Text Around an Image challenge- This challenge was awful. I’ve spent nearly 4 hours trying to figure out why the text wrap tool wont work so this is where I got. Though I did follow the steps and almost every time had to go back and try everything again, I was not successful at … Continue reading “InDesign Challenge Bank”

  • Yes We Can (Ryan Cass, @_ryancass_)

    I chose a portrait and quote from President Barack Obama for this InDesign challenge.

  • Words of Wisdom (Riley Denton, @righlayyy)

    Wrapping text around an image with Indesign

  • To Infinity and Beyond! (Meredith, @merebmagee)

    Check out my layout of a Buzz Lightyear article!

  • lettuce get in formation (Alec Plourde, @hii)

    I like Beyonce. A lot a lot. So naturally I want to celebrate her any given chance. Formation is a song that lyrically is really interesting to me and promotes the ability for black women to have the sense of pride in themselves often times society doesn’t let them have. I decided to have everything on the… Read more »

  • Wrap Your Head Around Men’s Mental Health (Audrey Gililland)

    This challenge focused on wrapping text around an image using Photoshop and InDesign. I was able to follow the steps from the instructor tutorial and the Adobe InDesign website to successfully complete this project. I also watched Lynda videos before I began this project to refresh my knowledge and to learn more about InDesign. First, […]

  • I Was a Rock (My blog)

    One thing that I truly  love with all my heart is music! There is truly nothing more inspiring than to hear an artists passions vocally and lyrically be shouted out among the world. Music effects a lot of different in a lot of different ways, and today I’m going to tell you about a performance […]

  • Style Remains (This Must be the Place)
  • An Ode to Aretha Franklin and Great Details (Vanessa Zielinski)

    It’s the small things in design that make the biggest difference. From having the right kerning, to the perfect color correction, it’s what you don’t see that makes the biggest impact. Magazine layout in an art that I hope to one day be good at. Do I want to work for a magazine? Probably not. … Continue reading “An Ode to Aretha Franklin and Great Details”

  • Text Wrap on MD (JT Schmidt, @schmidtstorm26)

    So my second challenge I decided to go ahead and do the text wrap with a really obscure quote from Matt Damon. I really just got a theme going on here right now.

  • the dark Knight (My blog)

      This was a bit more difficult however, I used the picture of my buddy playing lacrosse and went ahead and edited the words around him.  The photoshop was one of the more difficult parts of editing but once I figured out indesign it became pretty easy. I really enjoyed this project and  the challenge … Continue reading the dark Knight

  • Wrap Your Hands Around a New iPhone 7 (My blog)

        For my first challenge, I chose the assignment where you wrap a text around an image. I chose this one because it looked like it would be the simplest for me to do out of all of the challenges and I have had previous experience with using InDesign, so I figured it would … Continue reading “Wrap Your Hands Around a New iPhone 7”

  • InDesign-The Bane of My Existence (My Blah’g)

    So I completed the text wrapping challenge for this week… Three days later. Real talk. First off, shout out to my boy Drew who, in 15 seconds, showed me what I’ve been doing wrong for the last three days. Fun fact, when trying to wrap text, you need to click the image you’re trying to … Continue reading InDesign-The Bane of My Existence

  • Text Wrapping (Abraham Lincoln) (Drew’s News)

    Today I learned how to wrap text around an image in Adobe Indesign. It was very insightful and I am excited about the new skill I learned. My thought process for this assignment was to create a picture that combines the image I chose and the text directly.  Some of the things I found challenging […]

  • Drunk In Design (Mackenzie Metzger)

    Okay, so I realize my title makes it seem like I was drunk while doing this assignment but it was supposed to be a pun for Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” So for clarification purposes, I want you to know that I did this at 4pm on Wednesday and I really hope you don’t think I was drunk when I did […]

  • Wrapped in Words (Advertising Portfolio )

    Just when I thought I was getting photoshop I was thrown inDesign…luckily it wasn’t too bad at all. On the brightest of sides I got to wrap my picture with the sweet soothing words of JFK. I used one of his speeches for length and because he is one of if not my favorite US … Continue reading “Wrapped in Words”

  • Wrap Text Around An Image (Carter Skeen)

    Beginning the trek that was Challenge442 of the InDesign challenge bank was the first time I had ever used the program. This challenge was indeed a nice starting point because it wasn’t too tough, it was quite simple, yet the end product makes me feel like a professional. Unlike the first two Photoshop challenges from … More Wrap Text Around An Image

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