Destiny's Child & Alec Eating Pizza

A response to the Photoshop Yourself Into a Boy/Girl Band Challenge
created by Alec Plourde (@hiimale)

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This challenge is so funny to me, because ever since I’ve learned Photoshop, one of my guilty pleasures has always been photoshopping people with celebrities. I think my brother has been photoshopped with everyone from Napoleon Dynamite to being a Disney Princess. It’s funny what all your seventh grade self with Photoshop will do.

Anyway, a challenge I’ve had a lot of practice at. I chose Destiny’s Child cause I love Beyonce and I chose this picture of me because I believe I am at my highest self when eating pizza. To give an extra challenge, I went in and messed around with Selective Color to try to get the tone of my picture the same feel that the girls had.

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