Coors Light is opening more doors with their emotional connection and insight supporting inspiration and fulfilling the desire that people need to keep fighting through their everyday lives. People need motivation, and to be able to look at examples in other peoples lives, to encourage them to keep fighting. People need to connect with people and emotions on a greater level than most of us do daily. Many individuals don’t take the time to become emotionally vulnerable and explore their wants and needs for personal connection, but this advertisement allows you the 2:31mins to lose yourself and explore your passions along with Shezi.

The strategy behind this advertisement is to convince hard working individuals that when it comes to celebrating your accomplishments to do it with Coors Light, a company that cares about your climb, and your story. Coors Light, through this advertisement, has portrayed themselves as a company that is more than just your enjoyable beer but a company that cares about you. The target audience that relates to the movement of inspiration through impact are the various college students or 18-24 year olds who are fighting to be apart of something bigger than themselves, and the journey and set back that are associated with that process.10

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