Dumb Starbucks

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If you get the name of my post then points for you. If you haven’t then go watch “Nathan For You” right now. You’re Welcome. This challenge was a little bit easier for me than the last probably because it doesn’t have to make much sense. You are literally making up a word just like … Continue reading “Dumb Starbucks”

First Draft

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I decided to kinda use the play on words with the apple brand. Used well known puns about the fruit to advertise the electronics. 

I definitely struggled trying to actually create my idea. I started used photoshop to make the apple shadow, but that took some time and a few videos. I need to go back in and actually make the Advertisement appealing. Add a little flair. Plus I definitely need a little more practice with photoshop. I’m glad this is a two week assignment, so I have the chance to work out all the kinks. Especially now that I have an idea, it’s just about actually executing that idea and the extra week will really help with that. 

Lions & Giraffes

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I wanted to do this project over animals because of how much I love them. I wanted to have a different idea for this one and I am proud of my work.

I wanted it to be for fun and something that would make people think.


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Source for the First Picture I had a very hard time with this assignment, so hard that I wasn’t able to complete the other half of it. I lost the file and in a fit of frustration, I decided to turn this in as is. I am struggling this week, so this was my part […]

Easy As Pi

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I chose to do the play on words challenge mainly because I am a big lover of puns, I appreciate the cheesiness and the eye rolls that come with a perfectly placed pun. I was struggling to find a pun that was not only classic but could also represent a product of some kind, until I … [Read more…]

I Am American

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My beginning concept behind this was the idea of being part of a brand. Everyone loves to see themselves in something, whether it be a new outfit or an airplane, and capitalizing on this is pretty darn easy. So, by simply highlighting the ‘am’ in American, we can say “I Am” with anything. I Am […]

Is Tough A Color?

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Today this blog will consist of two print ad drafts I have created, as well as my process for creating them. I decided to go with the challenge of using color as a way to convey a message. The brand that I chose to make this two-part print campaign for is Caterpillar construction machinery. I […]


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I was inspired to create this picture from the burrito my roommate left in the freezer. I used the snowy background as my first layer, then lassoed the burrito and pasted it into the photo. I then had to resize and reshape the burrito in order to fit it on the bench. I chose the … Continue reading Burrrrrito