Just Do It.

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After failed finalized commercial after failed finalized script, I completely started over in regards to this project. We were asked to create a story-telling commercial and thats what I did. The basis of the commercial is that Nike not only just says to just do it, but Nike actually empowers you to just do it. I […]

Brand Storytelling Reflection

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What were you asked to do over this project? I was asked to create a brand storytelling video over the brand of my choosing. I was asked to research the brand so I would have a solid understanding of how to represent the brand of my choosing. This is important because I wouldn’t want to […]


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During this process, I was asked to pick a company I was passionate about and I chose a company that helped me with lacrosse. I responded to this by researching and finding the things I was passionate about and loving them. Writing the script and thinking about what I was supposed to do was very … Continue reading SCRIPT PROCESS

Storytelling Progress

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This week was an absolute wash for making progress on anything, big or small. Tuesday, my wisdom teeth were ripped from my jaws. The following days were spent eating soup and taking pain medication, so it was hard to even hold a thought. However, I’m happy to be home (Wisconsin… go great white north) this […]

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

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My concept for this advertisement is that people need to stop letting their dreams be just that. That we should all turn our dreams into goals instead of acting like they are out of reach. Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It.” and the way that I interpret that is to stop wanting things and go out […]

Wait… I’m actually making a commercial??

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Hello Everyone! This week I was able to do something I really enjoyed, writing scripts. In Writing for Mass this was the one thing that my teacher said I was good at, which was relieving because that class was challenging. Though this week I wasn’t able to film and get the necessary shots I needed […]

Progress Thus Far

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1. We were asked to come up with a story and then make a video that goes along with that story. It was also meant to have a message behind it and show brand value. 

2. I initially wanted to do mine over airbnb but decided that might be a little difficult without any travel shots. Or at least it wouldn’t relate as well to the brand. So I decided to go with something that seemed a bit more feasible and relatable to me. I went with coca cola and the story is about a struggling student that’s just trying to graduate but fails a big assignment. She wants to give up but stays strong and keeps going towards her dream. I wanted to keep with coca cola’s outlook on positivity.

3. The videos were helpful because I hadn’t actually written a script before. The story is more of a personal struggle and hadn’t planned on much dialogue. Writing the script was a little funny with the audio side being mostly blank. So with the lack of speaking parts, I tried to really focus on writing out what was happening in each scene.

4. I enlisted my sister as my “graduating senior,” which is actually kinda funny seeing that she’s a freshman at the moment. But we were able to get down a few scenes but plan on getting most of them filmed this next week when we both have more free time. I also plan on finishing up on editing and making a logo.

Becoming JJ Abrams

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I was asked to start filming one of the ideas I had written the previous week. I chose to do the story of the girl going through her everyday life; I thought this idea to be more relevant and pleasing to watch than the others. I was extremely nervous to do this because out of … Continue reading “Becoming JJ Abrams”

Brand storytelling progress

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Ohhh boy. I’ve been texting my CMP friends for help this week. For this assignment, we were asked to come up with a video ad idea for a company, write the script, and film it. I chose Budweiser for this project. I absolutely love their ads, and wanted to create one of my own. I … Continue reading Brand storytelling progress