2 Extra Points Never Hurt Anyone

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Tutorial Time!!! This is a simple tutorial for how to instagram your pictures via Photoshop. Open up Photoshop and select the ‘photo’ option in the original popup, I selected a 4×6 because the photo I picked was landscape style. When you select everything, you should have a blank slate going on, a little something like […]


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Well, folks… It’s finally done. Here is my summary of learning: https://goanimate.com/videos/06wXleGbtDmM Overall, I really loved this class. I loved working at my own pace, even though some times it kicked me in the butt, but overall it was truly a rewarding class and a great investment of my time. My favorite part was the second […]

Summary of Learning Action Plan

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Home Stretch! Here’s my plan… What is the medium? I’m going to use Storybird. It looks like such an artful program, and I can’t wait to learn how to use it. What tools will you need? I’m expecting that I will need copies and screenshots of all my work, which I have! I’ll also need […]

Learning and Growing, Growing and Learning

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What changed? What didn’t? My attitude towards this class turned from fear of failure into fear of not taking chances. My final product wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it was something I would never have thought to create at the beginning. The biggest thought process that changed for me may have been […]

Dear Blog, My Tried and True.

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Dear Blog, Will you be something that you will utilize when looking for jobs? I can see myself using you to build up my portfolio, building up more and more challenge bank assignments and deciding to focus my work in one direction. Therefore, you could be a useful tool to show my future employers what […]

Home for the Holidays

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I am so excited about this project! My biggest obstacle with the storytelling project was the fact that I wasn’t able to get videos of my little cousin because I didn’t see her during my brief visit home. Instead, I decided to do a commercial that shows how important it is for people to be […]

Storytelling Progress

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This week was an absolute wash for making progress on anything, big or small. Tuesday, my wisdom teeth were ripped from my jaws. The following days were spent eating soup and taking pain medication, so it was hard to even hold a thought. However, I’m happy to be home (Wisconsin… go great white north) this […]

Finding the Music

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  https://youtu.be/WPsEGDxQSdM (WordPress wouldn’t auto populate my video, so here’s the link) This was the second round of Premiere Pro trials, and I’m pretty dang happy. I love Finding Dory, and now I love Premiere Pro too. The hardest thing for me is managing all the panels and keeping myself organized throughout the creative process. […]

Irreplaceable People

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This is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever created, but it’s definitely worth it. We all have people in our lives that we become so close to that it’s almost like losing a piece of yourself when they’re no longer down the street. Anyway, the production of this took me way too long because I […]

TwitterBook Ads

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Facebook                   The concept for Poppy’s is simple: A popsicle place on Campus Corner that can keep the summer feeling alive throughout the year. Apparently there’s a new popsicle place here, but Poppy’s would top them. I’m just sure of it. Behind the campaign is the idea […]