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For my summary of learning assignment I wanted to highlight the main things we focused on in the class with simple images. Design, copy, and videos were the biggest topics we focused on. I wanted to show future students what the class would entail. I especially wanted to mention video because that was a bit of a surprise to me this semester. And that the video portion did take up a lot of our time. 

Overall it was a fun semester, I enjoyed learning new skills and design techniques. The weekly challenges I thought were a great way to introduce us to the subjects with something fun and manageable for beginners. Writing blog posts was a nice way for us to practice writing for the public and to keep you updated with what we were doing. Especially this being an online course, the blog posts helped keep us all connected as a class.

Summary of Learning Idea

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For the summary of learning assignment I’ve chosen to make a three piece print advertising campaign, using mostly Photoshop and Indesign. I plan to focus each print ad on something we went over in class. I thought I would try to make graphics to …

Coming To An End

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Over the course of this class I’d definitely say that I’ve grown. I think I’ve gained a lot more familiarity with the many different design tools.  Which learning photoshop and other methods of design was my main goal. At the beginning of the semester I had very little experience using photoshop and was glad to learn more.  I had a lot of fun with the Stranger Things challenge and that was the first time I was able to see improvement using the program. Also reading back through the old blog posts I think my ideas became more focused. For example the print ad we did, my ideas were kinda all over the place and hard to understand. Then just recently with the brand storytelling assignment, I simplified my idea and made it easier on myself and the viewer. Being able to step back and edit I think was my biggest improvement. This will definitely help in future advertising projects.


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I think after this course I may still use my blog, or I may create a new domain on a more professional platform. I initially chose tumblr because I was more familiar with it than some of the other options, but when looking at other student blog’s I think the other options allowed for a bit more customization. While I can’t see myself blogging on a regular basis, I think it would be a good place to post some of my work over the next few semesters. In this course I’ve especially enjoyed learning more about photoshop and I think a blog would be a good place to post that work, as a sort of online portfolio. If i were to move my blog i think i would also like to add some “About” and “Contact Me” pages. This would be helpful if I were to share the blog to employers or internships. Which if that was the case, I would also want to redesign it a bit. I would make the domain more clean and minimalistic.

Coca Cola Final Draft

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1. We were asked to choose a company and then try to illustrate their values through a story. We then needed to make a video for that story. 

2. I chose Coca Cola for my brand. They’re known as a very uplifting, happy and encouraging brand, so I tried to show that. My story was of a college girl with a ton of work to do and is very stressed at the end of the semester. Sounds familiar huh? She’s worried she wont be able to finish everything and wont be able to graduate. Then she has a coke, which gives her the energy to keep going and not to give up. 

3. I enlisted my sister to help me with the video, she was my actress. We ended  up changing most of what I had initially planned. It was just a bit more difficult when you actually set out to film something, rather than just having an idea. Especially with little experience. It turned out okay in the end, but definitely wasn’t what I was envisioning. 

4. I think the video could have turned out better if I had better experience and equipment. But overall I think it was close enough to my idea that I’m happy with the turn out. 

Progress Thus Far

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1. We were asked to come up with a story and then make a video that goes along with that story. It was also meant to have a message behind it and show brand value. 

2. I initially wanted to do mine over airbnb but decided that might be a little difficult without any travel shots. Or at least it wouldn’t relate as well to the brand. So I decided to go with something that seemed a bit more feasible and relatable to me. I went with coca cola and the story is about a struggling student that’s just trying to graduate but fails a big assignment. She wants to give up but stays strong and keeps going towards her dream. I wanted to keep with coca cola’s outlook on positivity.

3. The videos were helpful because I hadn’t actually written a script before. The story is more of a personal struggle and hadn’t planned on much dialogue. Writing the script was a little funny with the audio side being mostly blank. So with the lack of speaking parts, I tried to really focus on writing out what was happening in each scene.

4. I enlisted my sister as my “graduating senior,” which is actually kinda funny seeing that she’s a freshman at the moment. But we were able to get down a few scenes but plan on getting most of them filmed this next week when we both have more free time. I also plan on finishing up on editing and making a logo.


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  • Airbnb is a website created for people to seek out unique accommodation at many different travel destinations or for people to host travelers in their home, castle, or trailer. It gives travelers a way to feel more at home when they’re in an unfamiliar place.
  • The company was started in 2007 in San Francisco out of 3 roommates loft apartment. They were having trouble paying rent at the time and thought they had plenty of room to add 3 air mattresses and provide breakfast for their guests. So they started a website, and it was successful. People were paying them $80 a night to sleep on air mattresses in their living room. They also were helping show people around to all their favorite local spots. Something that started as just a way to make a few extra bucks, they realized could actually be a good idea for a company. After their initial launch, it took them a few years to actually get the business up and running. Finally in 2009 an investor took interest in their idea and helped them start the billion dollar company that it is today. They wanted to focus it on traveling accommodations for designers, so many of the hosts had professional photographs showing off their homes with design oriented elements.
  • The founders of the company are Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk, all graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design. They were all friends and roommates at the time of launching their company. They needed some extra money, which is what ultimately inspired them  to start the company.
  • Their company mission is belonging, they want people to feel comfortable and at home when they travel. Staying at people’s homes allows travelers the opportunity to meet new people and really immerse themselves in the culture of their destination. Airbnb wants everyone to feel like they belong, especially when they’re traveling. They value community and allowing people to come together in exciting and unique ways. The company also values acceptance and human rights.
  • Customers have really responded to their growing business. The company not only brings people together with their unique travel site, they also do a lot of charity work for the community. Customers love Airbnb because it allows them to create their own businesses and it gives people a place to stay when they’re traveling.

Pumpkin PSA

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For this one I decided to have a little more fun with the video. I enlisted my boyfriend as my sorta newscaster character. With this video I tried to poke fun at the holiday season and how people are a little hasty getting into the christmas spirit whe…

Morning Cup of Coffee

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Even though this had a very simple outcome of a video, it did take me a minute to get the hang of using Premiere. Though, the tutorials really helped make using the system a bit simpler. For the 30 second documentary, I decided to keep things pretty simple and make a video showing how I make my morning cup of coffee. It was funny how something so simple was still a bit tough to cut down to 30 seconds, but I finally got it in the end. I think for my first video, especially just using my phone to record, it turned out pretty alright. I’ve never really been that interested in making videos, but I actually thought it was pretty fun.

Check out my video here: