Peace out

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Click Here for Final Project Video   Time to take a minute and finally reflect on this whole semester. Through evaluating all of my posts and creating a blog that I am now proud of, it was time to take things one step further. While creating this video I had to reflect a lot about […]

Summary Learning

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For my Summary report I want to create a iMovie trailer for this  to show everything I have learned. The idea that I have for this assignment is to take it fast forward presentation of all the different tools we have used. So basically just make it a fast forward video of full screen videos […]

Let’s Sum it Up!

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One of the major things that I can pick up on now, after reading all of my blog posts is that everything was very rushed.  I have also realized that I have a very different learning style, so understanding this  type of material that is very foreign to me  was very difficult online.  Though my […]

Begin with a Win

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COMMERCIAL TIME!!! I have finally created my final draft for my commercial for Gatorade. I was inspired to pick Gatorade as my brand, because I love sports and knew I could bring a great amount of insight and passion of the brand into this video. We were asked to create this video and one of […]

Wait… I’m actually making a commercial??

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Hello Everyone! This week I was able to do something I really enjoyed, writing scripts. In Writing for Mass this was the one thing that my teacher said I was good at, which was relieving because that class was challenging. Though this week I wasn’t able to film and get the necessary shots I needed […]

Story Time!

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STORY 1 Who are the characters? Who is the main character or protagonist? Are there supporting characters? An antagonist? The main character is a young soccer player. The other characters in the commercial are opposing players. During the commercial, you follow the young boy from the beginning of his soccer career to the end of […]

Gotta go backwards to move forwards!

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Why does the business exist? What is the History? What was the reason for getting into business in the first place? What audience does the business serve? What makes it interesting? What makes it different? What problem does it solve? The Company that I have decided to use for my brand story telling video is […]

Iron Chef- College Edition

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Just because you can’t afford 5 star dinners as a college doesn’t mean we can’t spice up our normal routine. This evening I have prepared for you a nice pasta with spicy finish all done in about 3 mins max. Since I eat ramen pretty frequently even though it’s not the best for my health […]


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It was very challenging for me to find one person that stood out among the rest that was so special to me that they only deserved to be in my montage. I started going through all of my Facebook photos trying to decide who was the most special person to me, when I realized that […]

Scoops there it is!

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What value do you see in tools like the Facebook and Twitter ad tools where you can quickly determine a market? I see these tools to be very helpful because it allows you to understand how much you can enhance your businesses reach. I have recently started using the boost tools on both instagram  and […]