Video Updates

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I have been trying hard to find time to go take the necessary shots, however with three jobs and 16 hours in school, that becomes hard. what we were asked to do, was film a commercial. Although, this was not necessarily a commercial for an specific company, I decided to do it over Forever 21. […]


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I’m doing my research on Forever 21. The business exists to sell trendy clothes to people of all ages. Forever 21 began as a 900 square foot store in Highland Park, CA in 1984. They are now the 5th largest specialty retailer in the United States. Do Won Chang started the business. Their mission to […]

Video Killed The Radio Star

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I have been thinking about this for awhile and I honestly don’t know how this should go. I was thinking of starting it like a zombie horror film, but I don’t want to do that for a commercial. I guess I am going to right all of these targeting Peyton’s Petting Zoo because I wasn’t […]

Final Draft for Peyton’s Petting Zoo

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So my first objective for this was to find something that no one else had *hopefully* thought of. Peyton’s Petting Zoo is a cheap and easy way to destress after finals or to just go pet animals. My headline would be “Lions? Tigers? Bears? Not at this petting zoo! But we do have llamas, raccoons […]

Alphabet & Co.

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My design business (if I had one) would be named Alphabet & Co and it would a wonderful agency. The tweet said “Having trouble coming up with a design to attract consumers? We are here to help! Visit our website: alphabet&” I think potential artwork would be put on our website. The artwork I would […]

The New & Somewhat Improved Cats & Bags

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First, thank you so much to the people who gave me feedback. Although, it was for a grade and not out of the goodness in their hearts, their feedback was still incredibly helpful. This is my first one. I really like it (even if my dog doesn’t). I was really proud of this one and […]

Site Title 2016-10-04 02:03:45

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After taking some feedback, I edited my first post from my website which can be viewed here. I tried to make it link back to a conversation about conservation and respecting our environment.

Media Upload Part Two

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I am having a really hard time figuring out how to make photos not blurry when I put them in InDesign. Because of that, the draft for this photo is very blurry. I tried making it really small and really large. I can’t figure it out so I am going to have to spend sometime […]

Lions & Giraffes

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I wanted to do this project over animals because of how much I love them. I wanted to have a different idea for this one and I am proud of my work.

I wanted it to be for fun and something that would make people think.