Summary of Learning

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This is it. The final assignment and probably the final blog post from the Samual the Copywriter. This has definitely been an enriching semester with many lessons in store. My first online class was a complete shake up of a normal format and to be honest I am not necessarily a fan. Now, I am … Continue reading Summary of Learning

the early days

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Perhaps I was still depressed from leaving my summer internship at Atlantis, Bahamas to come back to beach-less Norman, Oklahoma. Regardless, my early days of the Fall 2016 semester where about as pleasant as whoever was in charge of Hillary’s emails. That being said I was fairly inexperienced, not confident,  and anxious about all things creative. … Continue reading the early days

My Site for now

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Ad Copy and Layout has certainly been a journey. If it wasn’t for the Photoshop and Indesign challenges, I may have never been pushed outside of my comfort zone. That being said there is a lot about my site that I want to completely do over and for all intensive purposes I plan on starting  from … Continue reading My Site for now

Final Chobani Film

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The concept behind my video was to employ the use of bursts to create a long gif that would purposefully be a quirky and clever way to showcase yours truly enjoying  Chobani. In hindsight I don’t regret eating the yogurt, but I do regret choosing this brand for my story. The overall qualities of the … Continue reading Final Chobani Film

Video Progress over Thanksgiving

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Well, I was asked to tell Chobani’s story. Chobani’s founder has a very interesting background as an immigrant who likes to throw his financial support to causes helping resettle refugees and he is very environmentally conscious. At first the idea in my mind was to film a documentary style commercial promoting Chobani’s message of inclusiveness … Continue reading Video Progress over Thanksgiving

Chobani’s Story (ies)

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The creative strategy that really hits activist and socially aware consumers, the kind Chobani inadvertently targets, should employ pathos as well as ethos to speak to the emotions and cultural norms shared by that TA. The first brand story I came up with sticks to the theme of Chobani’s mission to spread health and well-being. … Continue reading Chobani’s Story (ies)

Chobani: Protein Packed Responsibility

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Chobani, strained, Greek-style yogurt is more than a deliciously tangy and high-protein snack. It’s a brand that emphasizes the need for access to nutritious food that is locally sourced, natural, responsible and decidedly delicious. The core values of Chobani are a reflection of the founder Hamid Ulukaya’s personal journey. A Turkish immigrant, Hamid saw the … Continue reading Chobani: Protein Packed Responsibility

PSA – “Liberal Gluten Tolerance”

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PSA alert* this video may trigger eye rolls and or gleeful laughter.

this was an attempt at comedic relief in this contentious time. Who better to pick on than Gluten free people. Everyone hates them right? Ok, maybe vegans are slightly more annoying….