Lotus Lounge – The Finale

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Lotus Lounge. For reference to understand the context of the following blog post, click here. This is the final draft of my social media campaign idea for Lotus Lounge. Lotus Lounge is an idea I created about an imaginary relaxation…

Social Media Reflection

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I see a very unique value in tools like Facebook and Twitter ad tools where I can quickly determine a market. This is unique because advertising on social media gives you the ability to show it to exactly who you want to see it. Before social media, it was a little bit more complicated than […]

Lotus Lounge

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Lotus Lounge. Brand/Objective: This is an imaginary place I have created from being so stressed these past few weeks. The Lotus Lounge is a sanctuary for students to take a break from studying and just chill out. Lotus Lounge would…

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

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My business idea for campus corner would be a breakfast spot. While there’s donuts and a couple coffee shops, there isn’t a spot for a really nice breakfast. Though it being on a college campus, time and efficiency are major factors in a student choosing their breakfast. Affordability too. My idea is that it would be kinda designed like a coffee shop, with lots of little tables and comfortable chairs. You would order up at the bar and then either sit and study before class or take it to go. They would serve breakfast staples like eggs, omelettes, pancakes but also a few different breakfast sandwiches for the on-the-go customer. Also I imagine them to have some killer coffee, so you don’t have to go two places to get breakfast and your latte. 

I think with a campus restaurant for weekday service, the most important thing to highlight is ‘speed.’ Funny enough, I actually run the social media sites for a restaurant on campus corner, I like to post mostly during lunch because campus is busiest during that time. Factoring in that the customer is busy and has only an hour tops to have lunch is very important.

So, for this assignment the brands name is “Eggs over Easy” and the objective is to advertise speedy breakfast for college students and professors. 

Headline: Easy eggs for the busy student! 

Text: Do you need a speedy breakfast before that 8am class? Come see us for an egg sandwich on your way to class!

Call to action: Follow us on Instagram!

Potential artwork: I thought something bright and fun, probably a picture with the food and a cup of coffee.

The reach I calculated was about 44,000, I put in a radius of about 10 miles from campus corner and did adults 18-30, to mostly hit college students. I tried to mostly focus on students with this particular ad because it’s a campus restaurant. I thought maybe another ad would be better for all of Norman to just hit on a new local breakfast place. And budget for running the ad was about $5 a day. 

The Brunch Club

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I’ve always thought the one thing Campus Corner is lacking is a solid breakfast place. On any Saturday night the restaurants and bars are all packed with lines out the doors but on Sunday morning, Campus Corner is a graveyard! Students travel all the way to Main St. to get a delicious breakfast to soothe their … [Read more…]

Pop on by!

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My concept for a new business on Campus Corner is Poppy’s, an organic popsicle bar that appeals to families and college students alike. The objective of the campaign is to make visitors to Campus Corner both aware of the business and encourage them to try it out to make a lasting impression. “Poppy’s on Campus […]


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What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign? A: The brand that I am going to be promoting is “Flavor Shavers Snow”. This is a locally owned snow cone shop that’s objective is to provide the student of Oklahoma and the locals of Norman a refreshing frozen treat that is open … Continue reading Facebooking