Iron Chef- College Edition

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Just because you can’t afford 5 star dinners as a college doesn’t mean we can’t spice up our normal routine. This evening I have prepared for you a nice pasta with spicy finish all done in about 3 mins max. Since I eat ramen pretty frequently even though it’s not the best for my health […]

Morning Cup of Coffee

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Even though this had a very simple outcome of a video, it did take me a minute to get the hang of using Premiere. Though, the tutorials really helped make using the system a bit simpler. For the 30 second documentary, I decided to keep things pretty simple and make a video showing how I make my morning cup of coffee. It was funny how something so simple was still a bit tough to cut down to 30 seconds, but I finally got it in the end. I think for my first video, especially just using my phone to record, it turned out pretty alright. I’ve never really been that interested in making videos, but I actually thought it was pretty fun.

Check out my video here: 

Bon Appétit

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As a college student, everyone knows that microwave meals are a MAJOR key. But when you live in your own house, you get to have access to a beautiful thing called an “oven.” So this tutorial is an upgrade from the microwave instructions and helps you figure out how to cook things in a fancy […]


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In this doc I show you the new oil release smell good device I just bought and I show you how to use it. It is a very simple concept but I really think it is a cool deal and wanted to show you guys.

How to Scare People

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Being a huge fan of mockumentaries, for example Spinal Tap and Best in Show, I thought it would be super fun to make my own documentary. It is convenient timing that the new American Horror Story season was just released and happens to be documentary themed. That is what inspired me to follow my roommates around … Continue reading “How to Scare People”

How to make a PB & J

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My thought process for this assignment was to keep it simple. This assignment reminded me of one I once did in 7th grade, where we had to write a very detailed essay on how a person is supposed to brush his or her teeth. The point of that assignment was to show us how important […]

Austin City Limits Documentary

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Link to view the video: A couple of weeks ago my buddies and I went down to Austin, Texas for the famous music festival Austin City Limits. I’m a film minor and really enjoy shooting things here and there. Most of the time when I’m on a trip or doing something cool I document … More Austin City Limits Documentary