Reflection Post for Unit 3.1

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Throughout unit 3.1 we took our first step into familiarizing ourselves with the tools public relations professionals use to make the magic happen. To start that off, we learned about the news release. During this unit I was asked to familiarize my self with the format of how to produce a news release, practice identifying […]

Reflection Post for Unit 2.2

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Throughout unit 2.2, we continued learning more about the writing basics of PR writing. Some of the highlighted topics consisted of, “The Big Five” , “ABCs of Journalism”, and the “Inverted Pyramid”. Those topics are fundamental to the basics of PR writing. During this unit I was asked to continue learning about the writing process. […]

My Site for now

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Ad Copy and Layout has certainly been a journey. If it wasn’t for the Photoshop and Indesign challenges, I may have never been pushed outside of my comfort zone. That being said there is a lot about my site that I want to completely do over and for all intensive purposes I plan on starting  from … Continue reading My Site for now

Domain Action Plan

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I do plan on having a website that I display my portfolio with designs on it but I don’t plan on using WordPress to do it. I have spent HOURS trying to get WordPress work in a way that I want so display my portfolio in the way I have imagined but alas, I cannot … [Read more…]


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I think after this course I may still use my blog, or I may create a new domain on a more professional platform. I initially chose tumblr because I was more familiar with it than some of the other options, but when looking at other student blog’s I think the other options allowed for a bit more customization. While I can’t see myself blogging on a regular basis, I think it would be a good place to post some of my work over the next few semesters. In this course I’ve especially enjoyed learning more about photoshop and I think a blog would be a good place to post that work, as a sort of online portfolio. If i were to move my blog i think i would also like to add some “About” and “Contact Me” pages. This would be helpful if I were to share the blog to employers or internships. Which if that was the case, I would also want to redesign it a bit. I would make the domain more clean and minimalistic.

Future Endeavors

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Honestly, the thought of a blog was an immediate turn off for me starting this course. But, now that its here, I like reading through it. I like using it for reflection. I don’t know what I will do with it in the future. Part of me wants to keep it going, but Im not … Continue reading Future Endeavors

Dear Blog, My Tried and True.

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Dear Blog, Will you be something that you will utilize when looking for jobs? I can see myself using you to build up my portfolio, building up more and more challenge bank assignments and deciding to focus my work in one direction. Therefore, you could be a useful tool to show my future employers what […]