Final Blog Post

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I spent a lot of time on my final book. I  think because I am not a creative, I came up with work to fill it. It actually was pretty fun for me to create ads for brands that I really enjoy, like Starbucks and Nordstrom. I think that is why I really liked the …

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Logo First Draft

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  My biggest inspiration for this post was going on Pinterest and seeing the keys. Some of the keys were very fancy and extravagant, and that’s what I think of when I think of VIP. For a modern boutique hotel, that is what people should think of. My rough draft is a good “draft” of …

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What’s Illustrator?

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 I really enjoyed seeing the start to finish of this design. My favorite part was adding in the color. This really made the design change. I was excited to watch these tutorials, I am somewhat familiar with the basics of Adobe Photo Shop, but not with more advanced things like this. I had watched tutorials …

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Pizza Color Scheme

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This is the color palette I came up with. I chose orange yellow and red because it reminds me of a pizza or Italian food. I also chose the black to contrast the colors. And the white to make it not too overpowering. I also think these colors look like a sunset which can be …

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I played the typography games Shoot the Serif, Type War, and Kern type. The Shoot the Serif was harder for me than the other ones. The Type war was easiest and the Kern Type was hardest. I had never really thought about fonts before. But I remember hearing a speech on how fonts changed the …

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Design Blitz PRO TIP

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Typography: Topo Chico label- shows why people buy it- from Mexico, the colors are what it’s known for. Proportion: Thunder logo- small on the tumbler for a small look that is simple and not overbearing. Color: Gold pillow- the design is has small imperfections and is not the same. It looks like it was gold …

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