The Last One

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As my semester in Ad Copy & Layout is coming to an end, this will be my final blog post about my experience in the class. More posts are still to come but they will be just slightly different. I just completed my final project: my Portfolio Book. This was such a fun project to … Continue reading The Last One

Book Portfolio

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For my last project in my Ad Copy & Layout class, I am making a Book Portfolio. It will include my most recent resume as well as some pieces I have been working on. Right now I am fixing little details in some of my most recent projects in this class. I will include all … Continue reading Book Portfolio

Ambient Advertisement

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This past week I have been learning about how to use Adobe Photoshop. So far, this has been the most fun Adobe program to use and learn about. I have been learning how to create Ambient Ads for around the OU campus, and it has been a fascinating and fun process. I have researched about … Continue reading Ambient Advertisement

Print Ad Campaign

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The past three weeks I have managed to create a full Ad Campaign from start to finish. I began with my subject (Ivar’s restaurant) and developed a creative brief from my research. After researching and learning as much as I could about my client, I developed for them a new tagline. I thought this was … Continue reading Print Ad Campaign

Brand Identity Design

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Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have been creating a logo for Hotel Chocolat.’s new boutique hotel. I did some general research about the hotel and drew ten possible sketches for a new logo. I ultimately chose the simplest logo design. This design included a light purple wave (portraying the hotel’s notorious scenic view) … Continue reading Brand Identity Design

Hotel Logo Design

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This past week I was able to create my very first design in Adobe Illustrator! I was assigned this project through my Ad Copy and Layout class, which provided me steps in designing my image. We were instructed to choose from a list of ten hotels and design for them a new logo for their … Continue reading Hotel Logo Design

Color Scheme

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For my color scheme, I chose to use complimentary colors to provide a compelling menu. Because this color scheme is for a pizzeria, I choose to use the colors of the Italian flag: Green & Red. It just so happens that the colors are complimentary. I also choose to have a neutral color of white to … Continue reading Color Scheme

Typography Games

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ty·pog·ra·phy /tī pägrƏfē/ noun the style and appearance of printed matter. Shoot the Serif — Type War — Kern Type     Shoot the Serif This game is interesting because it really forces you to learn what Serif font looks like. The game starts out with two letters, each of different fonts, and you have … Continue reading Typography Games

Design Blitz

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Color Color provides a sense of overall feeling and energy to a product. Not only can color influence a person into purchasing a product, but it can also provide an overall mood the product will release. This candle is portraying a sense of energy and confidence with the use of the color pink. Along side … Continue reading Design Blitz