Final Blog Post!!!!!

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I can’t believe this semester is over. But, I am glad looking back on how much I’ve learned. To start off, I’ll talk about my final project. Creating my portfolio book went very smoothly because I already had work to use from previous projects. I loved designing it and thinking about how future advertising students […]

Student Book Update

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I am particularly excited about this project because it’s helping me get a start on something I know is crucial to my future career – my portfolio. I haven’t begun to design my book, but I do have an idea on my overall theme and the projects I want to include. For my theme, I […]

Ambient Advertisement Project Update

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For my ambient advertisement project, I have decided to promote Starbucks on Campus Corner. It’s in a great location for ambient advertising since it is on a street corner with lots of parking spaces, windows and sidewalk space to use. After generating 10 ideas, I’ve narrowed it down to these three ideas: painting a message […]

Island’s Print Campaign Reflection

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I really enjoyed this project mainly because I think I came up with a fun idea for the Island’s restaurant and I am proud of my work. Coming up with a tone of voice for the campaign and executing it went a lot smoother this time than my projects in the past have, so naturally […]

Logo Design Project Reflection

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When the project to redesign a logo was assigned, I was a little freaked out only because I’m not that experienced with Adobe Illustrator. But, after working on this project, I’m definitely happy knowing I improved my skills and got more experience working with the program. I am proud of how my new logo came […]

Rebranding Disney’s Hotel New York

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I chose to make a new logo for Disney’s Hotel New York’s boutique hotel. After doing some research on what the current hotel looks like, I found that it has a kind of glamorous feel to it. For their new boutique hotel I wanted to create something that mimicked that same theme but also had […]

My First Date with Adobe Illustrator

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I had my first of many dates with illustrator and it went great. I work with photoshop quite a bit, so learning to work with Illustrator has been extremely beneficial. I have used Illustrator in the past, and we use it quite a bit in Lindsey + Asp, but I still prefer Photoshop only because […]

Parmigianos Color Scheme

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This is the color scheme I came up for Parmigianos Pizzeria and Deli. Parmigionos said they wanted to stay traditional but also have a fresh, new and welcoming feel. I included greens and red because it stays along the traditional Italian colors, and put in some shades of blue to make it give it a […]

Typography Games

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Out of all the typography games, Kern Type, Shoot the Serif and Type War are my favorites. Shoot the Serif and Type War were fun because it helped me better identify the difference between fonts that I thought were basically the same. Out of the three, I enjoyed Kern Type the most. Even though it […]

Design Blitz

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Typography  The simplicity and font on this poster is what makes it attractive. The text takes up a good amount of space without being overwhelming, and the cursive font gives the poster an appealing flow. Balance  This bookshelf is a good representation of balance. I picture there being two columns, and for it to be […]