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I spent a lot of time on my final book. I  think because I am not a creative, I came up with work to fill it. It actually was pretty fun for me to create ads for brands that I really enjoy, like Starbucks and Nordstrom. I think that is why I really liked the ambient ad assignment. I liked doing the billboard ads, because that is the kind of stuff I work on at my internship. I also liked making the catalog cover because I think my dream job would be to help make things like that.


I liked the course format. Having things due on Sunday worked really well for me. Journaling my work I didn’t enjoy as much because I am not much of a writer/journalist. Learning new technologies definitely got frustrating at times, I was really only familiar with InDesign and a little bit with Photoshop but not much. I feel like this course helped me extremely with these programs. I think it is important for every advertising student to learn these programs even if they are not creative. I think I grew as an advertising student because I can now say I’ve used these programs and taken a class on them, which will help me in my career. Thanks for a great class!