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Josh Rushing is a former U.S. Marine captain who became publicized after the release of his film, Control Room. The controversial film featured heavy footage and discussion of Al Jazeera reporters during the second Iraq war. Many of the images shown in the film brought up questions regarding the United State’s representation of Al Jazeera. Rushing has now been headlined on major news outlets since his withdraw from the service.

Soon after, Rushing created the show Fault Lines to analyze the inner workings of controversial topics around the U.S. Rushing spoke of the time he spent in Oklahoma capturing personal stories of people facing unfortunate events. Rushing had the opportunity to interview the mother of a daughter who was murdered by a man on death row. The episode highlighted the controversies of death row and capital punishment, which the man facing over 30 years on death row strongly disagreed with. To my surprise, Oklahoma executes more prisoners per capita than any other state in the U.S.

Rushing promotes the idea that we need to strive for a broader understanding of the world. I agree with him in the sense that I was unaware of any of the occurences he spoke of. It is worrisome knowing there are serious stories happening nearly right down the street from me. People need to become more aware of their surroundings and Josh Rushing intends to help us with that. With the help of Rushing familiarizing the public through news outlets, media is also aiding by providing a gateway to relay that information.

If you haven’t heard of Josh Rushing yet, you will soon.