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At the beginning of this class, I had no idea what Public Relations Publications even meant.  Walking into class the first day, 1. I thought I was walking into PR writing, and 2. I had no idea that I would be learning how to work indesign and photoshop as well as other design programs.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I would be able to work with these programs specifically because I am extremely challenged when it comes to technology and I have always wanted to learn how to work with photoshop and indesign.  After learning everything that I have throughout this semester, I have a deeper appreciation for things that may have seemed small to me before this class.  Things like posters hanging up around campus or even mail that I get occasionally promoting things like OU or larger companies.  Things like this take so much time and thought even though they would not seem like it if you had no experience with designing them.

When I say I was pleasantly surprised that I would be learning how to work photoshop and indesign, I mean before I actually had to start working with them.  I, however, was not excited when I found out how complicated it was to simply cut a logo out of its original picture or take one color out of a photo.  These things along with many more frustrated me so much but they helped me learn.  I not only learned patience throughout this class but I learned that I have an ability to create something from nothing when I practice and put my mind to it.

I will say that there are some things that I still have yet to learn.  In fact, on my news letter project, there were a few things that I did not intend to happen and if you asked me how I did it I would not have even a minor explanation for it because, to me, it just popped up out of nowhere.  To my surprise, I was able to create several things that I became very proud of and wanted to show to my family and friends.

When I showed my projects to my family and friends, I could tell that they had the same mindset that I had about newsletter designs or direct mailer designs.  They did not really understand the time and effort that is put into these projects but knowing how hard I worked on them made me proud nonetheless.

The project that I think I am most proud of, although I will go back and change some of it looking at it now, is my newsletter. I think I am most proud of this project because, for me, it took the most creativity.  I wrote in a previous post that this project took me out of my comfort zone.  I was used to designing pink frilly things most of the time and this project made me think about how I had to design with the concepts that Coca-Cola uses throughout their company.  It took me up until about 30 minutes before the project was due to finish it because I kept changing things but in the end, I am actually very proud of it.

I am a perfectionist and there will always be things that I am wanting to change about projects that I have in the future.  The difference now is that I have the capabilities to create the projects and make the changes whereas just a few months ago I would have just looked at the computer screen and laughed if you had asked me to create a newsletter.

To say I learned a lot in my PR Publications class would be an understatement.  It has been one of my favorite learning experiences, if not my favorite experiences because I now have a new skill that I can use for my future career as well as my own personal enjoyment.  The frustration at the beginning of the year just reminds me how far that I have come in working with these programs and it taught me that I can create and I can be successful with things like this.  I appreciate so much what I learned in this class and I am going to continue learning about photoshop and indesign so I can be like TA James some day. lol

I am going to further use my blog as a reference for my future employers. I do want to make some changes to a few of my projects but I think this will be an amazing reference for employers to use so they can see what I am capable of doing with projects such as these.