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As my semester in Ad Copy & Layout is coming to an end, this will be my final blog post about my experience in the class. More posts are still to come but they will be just slightly different. I just completed my final project: my Portfolio Book. This was such a fun project to work on because I got to incorporate everything I learned in this class throughout the semester. I enjoy designing and creating different works so this was very enjoyable for me! Here are a few advertisements I incorporated into my portfolio.

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These are just a few of many images, be sure to check out my online portfolio for additional advertisements that were featured in my book!


This course has been my favorite so far. I have really enjoyed the process and learning all about Adobe and how to create websites! The format of the course was extremely stress-free! Having everything due on Sunday allowed me to plan each week of the semester accordingly. Journaling and blogging for the entirety of this course was a bit different for me. I have never blogged before this so it took me some time to get used to, but I actually really enjoy it and see myself continuing.

Learning about Adobe suite has been really exciting for me. It was a bit frustrating at times because I wouldn’t always understand, but after taking some time to calm down I ultimately really wanted to learn how to use the software and everything became so much easier from then on.

I feel like my computer skills have improved significantly because of this course. I have always been frustrated with technology and knowing that I would most likely be using a computer in my job scared me a lot. I have learned to become less frustrated and really try and think through the problems I encounter. It has been overall really satisfying.