When it rains… It Pours…

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As we are starting to wrap up this semester, things are really starting to hit up all at once. This is that wonderful time of year where all the projects, papers, and past procrastinations all come barreling down on you all at once!  (accurate des…

end in site

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As I continued with my website design for frosty’s rolled ice cream I discovered how challenging it was to approach the project creatively. I honestly spent most of my first class periods just playing around on photoshop. Simple things like adjusting the size of a picture or recoloring a background took me a while to […]

An Eye for Details

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I had a little bit of a disadvantage on this project since I ended up missing two classes, but in the end I was very happy with what I made. I struggled with using Photoshop at first because it there was a lot to learn and then using the Basic Element template made it a […]

An Emerging Pattern

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It is week 12 now, and I can see a pattern emerging through these blog posts. The first week we learn a new software I hate it, and I am lost in the process. Whatever I am working on looks like a 1st grader made it, and a wave of uncreative self-loathing over comes me. … Continue reading An Emerging Pattern


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Too be honest, I am not a fan of photoshop. It is probably because I still really don’t know how to use it, but my first impression of the software is not a good one. It seems more complicated than it needs to be compared to some of the other things we have used like … Continue reading Photoshop