Landing The Rebranding

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So for the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about the rebranding process. We watched some tutorial videos on which were pretty boring. They were only boring because I already knew how to use Adobe illustrator because I had to teach  myself how to use it for my groups project book last …

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Interesting Introduction to Indesign

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For week three, we recreated a general flyer. Here is the flyer that we had to reconstruct. (Original Ad poster from the assignment folder) This is the first time using Adobe InDesign in the class and it is all the first time using any real software. I used adobe InDesign last semester when creating the …

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A Fresh Start to a Fresh Semester

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Knowing that a new semester has begun, I feel as if school is going by way too fast. My classes are already interesting because they are closely related to the real world and I will be able to apply what I learn soon. But for now, I will engage in these sections as I have […]