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I was very happy with the first project we did and the software we used. It was easy to understand and get better at. This is not how I am feeling with Illustrator or this project.

It has been extremely difficult for me to get a handle on how to work the program, and not only that I spent an entire class trying to figure out what to do this project on.

Saying that we had to pick a restaurant on campus corner, that wasn’t a bar, stumped me because most restaurants turn into bars because of the demand for them.

After I finally decided on Victoria’s I drove past there, since I have never been before, and realized that it isn’t like an Olive Garden but it isn’t like a fast food place either.

With that in mind I started to re-brand it. The first thing I did was get a better V for their logo, which I had to create with the paintbrush tool that is extremely difficult.

I wanted the new logo to look fancy because pasta is something you can make at home but you go to a pasta restaurant to get a fancy meal you couldn’t make yourself.

I then changed the colors because green and brown remind me of a bar and not a sit down, warm restaurant. I ended on a dark grey, dark red and a nice light peach.

I liked that in this product I was able to see what goes into all the little details most people don’t think about.