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When I started this class I was really excited to get to learn how to be more creative, however I quickly discovered that was not. When we were given five minutes to write Economist headlines I sat at my seat the entire time like this… and continued to do so even after we were given five more minutes with a partner.I realized that I cannot just sit and create anything, especially if I don’t have a connection to it; it also came to me that maybe this class wouldn’t be so great after all. I mean by this point we had just done lectures and played font games, and I failed miserably at both.

Then the third week of classes started and we finally got to start working on a project. Learning how to use a new type of software is always fun for me, so I regained hope in the course and myself. I have always known that I am a very analytical and organized person and I strive for perfect, which is why I enjoyed this first project. Not only did I get to expand my knowledge of editing software, but I also got to prove to myself that I can succeed even if it doesn’t look promising. Overall, these last two weeks did not start off great for me, but I am happy with where I am and what I have created based off what what I was given.