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The past two weeks, we have been working on an InDesign project. We got to choose a brand that we thought that we could do a campaign for. At first, I chose HP because my friend told me that it would be fun, but as I got into it, I realized that HP was not the one that I wanted to do. I changed my mind to Burton, which is a famous snowboarding company used by several Olympic athletics from all around the globe. Here is Burton’s website:

As I was creating these ads, I generated a lot of ideas, but were hard to create because of the limited resources and time that I had available. Here are the finished products for the assignment:

We had to generate a new tagline for the company that we chose and create three ads with three different headlines for each one. The third ad is my favorite.

Here is all the gear that Shaun White used when winning the gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Most of it is Burton, the other gear are sister companies own by Burton.

This Is All the Gear Shaun White Used to Win Gold in the Pyeongchang Olympics