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Knowing that a new semester has begun, I feel as if school is going by way too fast. My classes are already interesting because they are closely related to the real world and I will be able to apply what I learn soon. But for now, I will engage in these sections as I have before. Advertising Copy and Layout is the class that I am most excited for. Not because this blog is a grade for the class, but I believe that this course will be the first stepping stone that will allow me to create on many platforms. I am excited to be pushed to new boundaries for self-expression and the organization of my thoughts into an actual process.

So far in class, I have learned about the Design Process from the Stanford Design School. It is an intricate five step process with multiple sub-points.

“Design School Thinking Process” ( Guido Kovalskys)

The Stanford Design School has hundreds of articles written about their process that they have created, but its best if the information is straight from the source.

Welcome to the Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking

We also talked about the design thinking strategy and how to concentrate ideas from merely thoughts into a final draft.


“Design Strategy” (Central Office of Design)

There’s more on how this process works at the Central Office of Design’s website

Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation

After these concepts were introduced, we watched some videos about the film “Inside Out” and the creative/design process behind the scenes. We then matched the design thinking process to the design process of the creators of “Inside Out” and the transitions from one process to another was seamless.

We also had some free time so we watched a comical movie review over “Inside Out” from Screen Junkies.