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My week has been jammed pack with tests, work and Lindsey+Asp assignments. It was kind of chaotic and slightly overwhelming. However, in Copy and Layout we continued working on our three print advertisements. I chose to develop ads for The North Faceoutdoor brand. I altered their current slogan "never stop exploring" to "explore with curiosity." I drew inspiration from a quote I stumbled upon.
"Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity."
I found this quote fitting The North Face brand, as well as, help target a certain audience. I decided to target scientists, such as archaeologists, zoologists and geologists. These fields require a lot of field work, which require them to explore uncharted territories in treacherous locations. The North Face has all the gear they will require the right gear to explore these areas. With this in mind I decided to capture such places that anyone, especially field-work scientists. From the ice capped mountains in the Arctic to rocky cliffs along coastlines, The North Face has equipment needed for these expeditions.
I drew inspiration for the layouts of the ads from past North Face print advertisements, but added my own flare by making the tagline more of the focal point of the advertisement.
Out of the three ads I produced, I enjoyed the frozen lake/beach ad the most. I wanted to capture the contrast of conditions you could use North Face gear in.
Overall this assignment was simple and left a lot of room for creative control.