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As I continued with my website design for frosty’s rolled ice cream I discovered how challenging it was to approach the project creatively. I honestly spent most of my first class periods just playing around on photoshop. Simple things like adjusting the size of a picture or recoloring a background took me a while to get the hang of. I learned through this how hard it is to translate the vision that I have in my head on to a program that I am not familiar with or know what all it can and can’t do.

Once I started to get a better understanding of the basics I spent a lot of time just moving things around trying different layouts, trying to make it look like something other than a bunch of figures on a surface.

Over a weekend I was traveling home and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to spend time working on it. As I sat in airports with unreliable internet connection, I sat there with just my photoshop screen. I did a little bit more of moving things around and adjusting things, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere. Once I got back to school and started working on it again. This time I started by not even opening my work to start. Instead I pulled up pictures of similar businesses, rolled ice cream images, and menus to take notice of their layouts. Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.45.57 AM.png

I found that it helped to even just look at something other than what I had already done. Simply looking at pictures helped me to get a better idea of the design that I was going for.

What helped me the most was instead of looking just at the online content for Frosty’s, which consists only of a very simple Facebook page I started looking at other websites. Searching for websites of various businesses I was able to actually look at it in the perspective of the structure of their website. I used a lot of Ice Cream company websites because many of them were very simplistic in design, but were unique in translating the personality of their business.  The website that I got my most inspiration from was Amy’s Ice Cream.  Their website was designed very simply, but unique at the same time.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.53.22 AM.png

It was interesting going from website to website how easy it was to identify the website designs that were poorly designed and the websites that I could use to help me in my own design. Orange leaf, Baskin Robins and Ben and Jerry’s all have very similar products, but it was helpful to see how each of them displayed their brand on their website. For example, Orange leaf helped me to translate the customization aspect of Frosy’s and ideas of how to incorporate this into a website design. Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.00.53 PM

In the end it was cool to see how much inspiration can come from a little research. In my future projects, I will definitely take a different approach to research and were I find inspiration.