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So for the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about the rebranding process. We watched some tutorial videos on which were pretty boring. They were only boring because I already knew how to use Adobe illustrator because I had to teach  myself how to use it for my groups project book last year in intro to Ad. Even though most of the concepts were obvious, I did learn a few new tricks and shortcuts that will be handy in the future. So for the rebranding assignment, we had to choose any restaurant on campus corner to rebrand. Luckily, on that particular day of the choosing, I had Tea Cafe for lunch so that’s what I decided to rebrand. Adam gave us a few links to get some icons, type fonts, and ideas off of and they were pretty modern.

In the end, I wanted to keep the main leaf design that Tea Cafe had originally been using.

After that, I decided to go with a modern font that was easy on the eyes and integrate the leaf into the brand name. 


This was my finished product.