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As the end of the semester seems to be coming closer and closer it is interesting to remember where my skills started in this class to where they are now. By no means am I saying that I become a master of all things Adobe or would even measure up to many people, but it is cool to see what I have been able to do from starting completely from scratch.

adobeI have begun to continue the project on rebranding Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream, now creating a website using the logos that I created in my previous project. This project has made me aware of utilizing the different Adobe programs. It has become clear to me that it is not easy what so ever to master any of the programs. However, being able to learn just a little bit about each will be helpful as projects become more complex and specific. Before this semester I had no idea what each of the programs were used for, so having a better understanding of which can work best win has become a very useful tool to have.

Using photoshop to create the framework for the Frosty’s website, I have found that the program itself is unique from the rest and hard to get used to. Other challenges I have begun to face with the design is making sure that the website is unique. Because of my limited skills, I have started out being very reliant on the template material. The problem with this is that my project is beginning to look like every other website.

It is interesting to look through inspiration on various websites including “17 amazing sources of web design inspiration” and how vastly different each design can be.

In an attempt to keep my content from making people yawn, I plan to focus in on the personality that show through the logos and designs that I created.


The designs that I created in the previous project express the uniqueness of the brand.picfri.png

I plan to attempt to translate the personality of the brand from the logo designs to the website. This will make the overall redesign more effective in what message it is trying to send to the Frosty’s consumer. This source, is very useful in giving me a better understanding in how to achieve this strategy.