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Frosty’s rolled ice cream is a new unique desert destination on Campus Corner. Frosty’s brought one of the latest food fads to Norman- Thai inspired, rolled ice cream. The Norman transcript reported on this up and coming spot and explained the process that makes Frosty’s product so popular and unique. After doing some research of my own I found that while these rolled ice cream shops are popping up all over the country, Frosty’s is among only a few in the area. Though direct competition is not something that Frosty’s has to distinguish themselves from, Campus Corner is full of specialized deserts.

Frosty’s online presence consists only of their Facebook page with a few posts advertising employment and their opening. Because of the lack of information that is available a lot of the first impression that a customer is going to get comes from their logo:


While this logo accurately portrays what product frosty’s is providing, the college generation (what makes up the majority of the campus corner population) is looking for more of an experience. Most millennials would not consider this logo to be “aesthetically pleasing” and while it is a brand new business, the font and overall design seems very outdated. By making a change as small as changing the logo will allow Frosty’s to stand out among the multitude of businesses in Campus Corner.

To begin this process I started sketching logos that I believed would simplistically portray the uniqueness of the brand.


I chose to focus on both the snowman that is already integrated into the brand as well as the rolled aspect of the ice cream, that sets it apart from competitors.

The next step of the process is to translate these ideas onto illustrator. This was much more challenging than I anticipated. I began by focusing on getting the text how I drew it to be spiraled. When this didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to, I began searching for hat and carrot icons to incorporate on the snowman figure.

I quickly learned that being able to articulate these aspects to match the design that I have in my head is very challenging when I have such  limited knowledge of the program. By the end of the first work day I ended up having just the basics components of the design. It is going to take practice and attention to detail to be able to execute the new logo.

Frosty’s is new, trendy and unique and I think that their logo should reflect this.