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What is the difference between art and advertising? This was the big take away question that really got me thinking in the first week of this class. Although it may seems like an easy enough question, the lines are a lot more blurred than I could have imagined. Advertisers, at the end of the day, are nothing more than storytellers, only with more specific objectives and a more refined audience. In order to tell a good story, you must first travel the long and winding road of creativity. And honestly, the creative process is a mess, plain and simple.

I found that the best representation of imagination was through this example from class, consisting of nothing more than a huge mess of scribbly lines ending in just a straight line. I could really sympathize with this very simple picture, bringing back Flashbacks ranging from late night, creative blocked, coffee-induced hysteria; to my daydream inspired doodles in the back of some huge, boring lecture hall of a class I was forced to take.    

One of the main focuses of our lecture was centered on the creative process of one of the greatest storytelling giants around, Pixar. What I found most interesting about the entire process was their willingness to completely scrape any ideas or projects for a new, possibly better, idea. They compared the creative process as not just a straight shot to the final destination but sailing blindly through the fog and picking up the pieces as you go.  This gave me a moment of clarity…

It made me realize that one of the biggest challenges I will face will come from my ability to completely abandon an idea in order to move toward a better idea, a step that is so crucial in the creative process. That is what I hope to improve on in the following weeks as my storytelling and creative skills improve and I am excited to see the results.

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