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For a college student, syllabus week is just about as good as it gets. You get to see all of your college buddies for the first time in a while, and for some reason it is the one week of the year where it is somewhat socially acceptable to go to campus corner every night. Like I said early pretty damn good. Another added bonus is you don’t really do anything in class. Hence the name syllabus week, you show up to each one of your classes and read the syllabus and then leave. Minus the always awkward intros and icebreakers, the whole process is extremely easy and painless. Sitting through my first copy and layout class was no different, easy and painless. What made it even better was learning about how the class is structured and how that structure made me less stressed for a seemingly daunting course. I have never used any design software so I figured the class could  be a little challenging, but my worries were soon put to rest, and I left the first day of class with a sense of optimism for the semester.

The second day was also pretty easy and painless.  We watched a short clip about the story of the story of the Pixar movie Inside Out. Who doesn’t love a good in class video? It kills a good chunk of time, and if you’re lucky it is actually pretty interesting. Luckily for me, this particular one was pretty interesting. It discussed the process of crafting the story, and we applied this to what we had just learned about the design method and process. This was a great way of applying what we learned to something in real life.

Overall it was a pretty solid start to my third to last college semester.