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            For this Summary of Learning project we had to look back and reflect on our old blog posts and think about all we have learned this semester. Over the past couple of months I have learned a lot about creative thinking and using the different computer programs to express these thoughts. It all started with the creative process and story telling. I think this is my favorite part of the copy and layout class as well as where I have grown the most. I have really learned to walk the fine line of accepting and working through a project and knowing when to walk away.

Along side the creative process, I have learned a lot about the tools used to bring those thoughts to life. We first learned how to make basic print ads and visual esthetics with Adobe InDesign. I made worked through some cool print ads with a company of our choice.

We also learned some really awesome logo design applications in Illustrator over a restaurant on campus corner.

And lastly was one of my favorite projects with the web designs that we used. I really enjoyed designing the temple for a website. I am thinking this is what I want to use to show everything I learned because it incorporates everything. I want to create a website or travel blog for myself. I hope to actually create one for myself to document my travels. I plan to thru-hike the AT, PCT, & CDT equaling over 7,000 miles of hiking through our beautiful country, to be an elite group know as a “triple-crowner”.