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I never put much thought into how many ads I am really exposed to on a daily basis (anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000). However, after learning about some of the strategic thought that goes into making a single ad its easy to see that every step of the process is crucial in making an ad stand out among the rest.

As I scroll through my social media it is interesting to see what ads seem I seem to be a target audience for. As well as ads that are specifically designed to be integrated into the content that I am looking at or looking for. I see this occur often on my Pinterest feed. As I scroll through my feed of photos that all have a certain aesthetic, Pringles has created an ad that instead of seeming intrusive, simply matches the content that I am already focused on looking at.

This ad was not only specifically placed on this particular platform for me to see, but it also has many components of the design itself that were made to catch my attention. The image, being the focal point of the ad presents an artistic element that allows it to seamlessly fit within my Pinterest feed. What I find interesting after learning about different placements, is that this ad perfectly leads my eye to the center of the page, directly to the product that they are trying to sell me. Another element that I previously would not have considered to have so much strategy behind is the text. After reading an article about the perception and persuasion influence that typography can have, I have a greater understanding for what and why one fonts are used when and where. Clearly they are trying to get the word out on the flavors that the product has, there for the most important text is bold and is in alignment with other various flavors that I might be interested in. With only four elements, the ad is not over crowded and each aspect stands out in the way that it was designed for me to see.

Knowing what I know now, I also understand that a specific target audience has many components, allowing them to be marketed very different products at the same time by reaching all aspects of their personality.

Just a few scrolls down from the Pringles ad I was also exposed to an ad from Breakfast essentials.

The first difference I noticed between the two was the colors. The Pringles ad was undoubtedly vibrant, warm colors appealing to a very different perspective than the cool colors that the german hot chocolate ad presents. These ads also used very different fonts to get their message across. This one more resembles handwriting, a much homier vibe than the start bold font of the Pringles. After learning about the effects that fonts can have on consumers I can see how these to fonts are selling me a much different experiences. The overall simplistic layout of the hot chocolate ad translated clearly how easy it is to incorporate Breakfast essentials into this visually pleasing recipe.

I have really gained a new perspective for the ads that I am exposed to by understanding what they are communicating to me without actually saying anything directly.