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As we are starting to wrap up this semester, things are really starting to hit up all at once. This is that wonderful time of year where all the projects, papers, and past procrastinations all come barreling down on you all at once!

(accurate description of me trying to make it out of this semester)

            As far as Copy and Layout class goes, things have been going really pretty great. The new kits and programs we were introduced to, are really cool and make designing mockup websites a lot easier.  I also got to play around with Photoshop some and add in my own logos to already existing menus and such. I really enjoyed designing websites this way rather than with code. I have taken a couple website coding classes in the past, and although it is a really fun and interesting way of making an interactive website it is very technical and can be very tricky to get right.


My other classes have not been going as smoothly however… I am really going to have to “batten down the hatches” so I don’t completely drown in the storm of work I have to do! My only oasis away from the homework can be found down in OKC, as I was scheduled for white water rafting trips all weekend. The thrill of the roaring water, thundering down the channel in a chaotic dance of fluidity… there is really nothing in the world like it.