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Simplicity is key. I have to say I have always admired the creativity behind minimalist advertising; how so little print can convey such a wide range of ideas. I believe that is why simplicity is immensely more creative than a full page covered in print.

This was one of the many key rules we were introduced to over the past two weeks, as we really start to dive into the visual esthetics behind print ads. I am really excited to start learning basic design techniques and how to navigate the different Adobe systems available to us. I have been looking forward to taking this class because of this reason. I am really interested in the creative side of advertising and hope that this class will give the inspiration to continue forward down this path.

  Although we have only really gone over typography terminology and some very basic introduction to InDesign, I am really starting to learn the value and weight behind a nice Serif or San Serif. As well as the horror that is comic sans.


I am really enjoying the very basic introduction we have gotten so far in the InDesign program. Although it was just a brief walkthrough of a very simple poster, it has really excited me for the next steps forward on our very own unique designs. I have already been thinking ahead and have some really interesting ideas I am looking forward to try out.

(my poster)