Panera demonstrating their knowledge of the quality, care and good ingredients put into their products.


ABC did some product positioning by changing ABC Family to Freeform.

TJ Maxx

Maxx you is a campaign TJ Maxx has been running the captures quality for “cheap”, “something for everyone.”


This is an Apple ad for the iMac and it pokes fun at PC spending all their money and time on advertisements.

Amazon Prime

This heart warming ad, originally done in Japan but aired in the U.S. is by Amazon, advertising Amazon Prime and the quick shipping. It shows a new family…

Total Wireless

This 30 spot falls under the Advice type of strategy because it says that having an expensive data plan can weigh you down, so you should switch to…


This commercial shows ‘Paul’, well-known from the Verizon “Can You Hear Me Now?” campaign back in the day, vouching for a competitor, Sprint. While Sprint has released several…


An office sized envelope appears on the table and a hand reaches inside. At first thought it could be paper, but it’s revealed to be the ultra thin…


This is an advertisement by Johnson&Johnson of a mother bathing her baby. There is a voice over saying, “Having a baby changes everything” since before the baby was…

In this ad by, they are promoting their new grocery delivery service with a $25 discount on your first purchase and delivery. This is a great way…