AAWL PR Write Ups

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Hello, As a project for a PR writing class, I created multiple writing samples for the Arizona Animal Welfare League. These were done only as classwork and were not used for marketing or PR for the actual company.   AAWL TV Interview Message Strategy aawl pitch AAWL press release Arizona Animal Welfare League psa business … Continue reading AAWL PR Write Ups

My World

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All around me is faded light provided by the sun, I am encompassed in soft quilts and blankets that resemble sweaters. Netflix is paused, asking me, “Are you still watching ‘Grace and Frankie’” when I am actually typing, listening to the click of my keys on my keyboard. There is clean laundry everywhere, and a … Continue reading My World

The Sipper

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Have you seen the new Yeti cups, tumblers and S’well bottles? Why do they all have long, confusing names when all of them require the same effort and the same conclusion? All that is required is to take a sip, no matter what contraption you choose to drink out of. I introduce to you, The … Continue reading The Sipper

Typography Wars

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Shoot the Serif was a fun game, and I very much enjoyed the reference to a great song.  I did find myself finding the differences between serif and sans serif as time went on. I have always had difficulty doing that!   Type War was fun as well, except I did horribly, and I am … Continue reading Typography Wars

All About Design

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There are many different aspects of design. Today I will be talking about five of the principles of design. Color is maybe one of the most important attributes of design because it is what initially is going to grab someone’s attention. Different colors also render different reactions. Blue is calm, red can be angry or … Continue reading All About Design

Professional Portrait

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My name is Ava Lasiewski, and I am currently a senior at The University of Oklahoma. I am majoring in Advertising. I am from Houston, TX, but I attended high school in Liberty Hill, TX. I aspire to be an intellectual property attorney. I believe that we are all here, so we can be a … Continue reading Professional Portrait


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This is my online news package that I completed for Multimedia journalism class at Cronkite
-Ava Lasiewski