Reflecting On Ad Copy and Layout

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My Summary of Learning project expresses the important categories that I believe effected me throughout this course the most. Photoshop, InDesign, Video, Advertising, and Myself all played an important role in transforming my creative skills from (to what I believe) average to above average. I decided to use InDesign to create this infographic to show […]

Summary of Learning – Plan of Action

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For my Summary of Learning project, I plan on primarily using InDesign with the help of some Photoshop as my choice of medium. I chose InDesign because I believe it’s one of my biggest strengths, and whenever I use an image in InDesign, I normally have to edit it through Photoshop first. I’m thinking about creating a […]

Reflection – Taking Some Action

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As my instructor knows, I didn’t originally use WordPress as my blog domain. I tried to use my exposure website instead, but there were some subscription issues. I was a little bummed at first, because I loved the layout of exposure and I hadn’t experienced WordPress yet. But, I soon realized how great and easy to use WorldPress […]

Growing as an Advertising Practitioner

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After reading through my blog posts from this course, I have realized how much I’ve grown creatively and productively. From the Design Blitz to the Brand Storytelling, each assignment has shown my strengths and my weaknesses, and each assignment shows some form of correction from mistakes made in past assignments. For example, I realized that I […]

Brand Storytelling – One Level Deeper

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Overall, the Brand Storytelling project was a journey filled with watching brand storytelling examples, background research, brainstorming, script writing, filming and editing. I’m not going to lie, whenever I first looked at all of the required assignments for this project, I was a little terrified. Watching the brand storytelling examples, such as Guinness and Dove, […]

Brand Storytelling – Brainstorming

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PowerScore is known for it’s great pricing and even better material. I actually used the company’s self-study LSAT books, or “bibles” as most call it. I also did a few hours of online tutoring, so I experienced their services personally. I still have the books, and I also have multiple other LSAT books from other […]

Brand Storytelling – PowerScore Background

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PowerScore is a company that helps students around the world prepare for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, and SAT exams. Dave Killoran, a renowned test preparation expert, began the company in 1997 after experiencing the test preparation industry. He knew that there must be a way to help students succeed on standardized tests that’s less […]

Flipping Amazing Documentary!

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This challenge required a 30-second documentary of anything I could think of. The key is to show, don’t tell. I decided to do a round off back handspring because, well.. honestly, my brain couldn’t think of anything better at the moment. Unlike the past video challenge, I used iMovie instead of Premiere Pro, and I can […]

Shout Out To You, Mom

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For this challenge, I created a video montage of a special person in my life, my mom. My mom has always been my biggest role model throughout my life, so there was no hesitation in deciding who to choose for this video. My mom has been there through all of my ups and downs in […]