& that’s a wrap!

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I can’t believe this is my last blog post for Advertising Copy and Layout. I wanted to create something for my Summary of Learning that highlighted all of my accomplishments in this course. I decided to create an animated infographic to show everyone my journey through this class and the knowledge I learned. In this …

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Reading back through all my blog posts made me really sad. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and all that I have learned. I had forgotten about some of the early projects that I worked on and I was very pleased to see that I actually did grow as a blogger and …

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Audi Brand Brainstorming

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Story #1 The characters are a little boy who is the protagonist and his father who is the supporting character. It starts out with the little boy going into the garage and seeing his dad working on an old (Audi) car that he wants to get up and running again. A little time goes by …

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Keep Calm and Social Media On

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I think that Facebook and Twitter ad tools are very valuable, because without them I feel like everything would be off.  I think the audience features selection such as interests and keywords really helps when determining your reach and market because it is narrows the search down and pin points the most effective numbers for …

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