Official Reflection Time

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Here it is, my last post for Ad class.  I have been commissioned to answer these questions. How was the course format? How was journaling every week? How was writing for a public audience? How did you grow? Well, I am glad you asked. The course format was comfortably flexible.  Sometimes I got lazy and …

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Remembering Old Times

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Well, as August 1st draws nearer, my time in Advertising Copy and Layout do as well.  My task was to read back through all of my blog posts and reflect on some questions. What can you pick up on now that you didn’t before? I am so excited by my Adobe skills!!!!  I actually am …

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Summery of Learning Medium

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I am actually getting super excited for this project.  My professor posted all sorts of suggestions of mediums we could use and I found this super awesome site he recommended called I intend on making an infographic video explaining to potential students why they should take this class (and be excited about it).  The …

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My Keurig Story

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My project for the last week was to a make a branded story commercial for a company that I picked (Keurig).  This involved story concepting, script writing, ect. I (of course) employed my wonderful roommate, Kris Perry, to be my actor! When I initially realized what I had to do, I groaned a little bit. …

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Imagery of an Era

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I personally think this image is super weird.  I think it conveys an effective point, however.  This Unit in my History of Technologies class has been characterized by this theme of man’s ability to manipulate the world around him and develop an artificial reality.  I am not even going to begin to claim I totally …

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3 stories, one will live.

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I am brainstorming 3 story ideas for a branded story.  My company is Keurig Green Mountain.  I was sitting here and thinking, what problems does Keurig solve?  Convenience, not having enough choices/variety and it is for coffee drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Story One Who are the characters? Who is the main character or protagonist? Are …

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My company of choice.

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Today I am doing research on a brand for a story telling video I am going to make.  After sitting at my kitchen table slaving away at different ideas of companies I would like to use, I found the One.  10GYM, then I discovered that there is no information about them anywhere.  Like, not even …

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