Brand Storytelling – Brainstorming

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PowerScore is known for it’s great pricing and even better material. I actually used the company’s self-study LSAT books, or “bibles” as most call it. I also did a few hours of online tutoring, so I experienced their services personally. I still have the books, and I also have multiple other LSAT books from other […]

Brand Storytelling – PowerScore Background

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PowerScore is a company that helps students around the world prepare for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, and SAT exams. Dave Killoran, a renowned test preparation expert, began the company in 1997 after experiencing the test preparation industry. He knew that there must be a way to help students succeed on standardized tests that’s less […]

ABSOLUT-ely Refreshing

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This challenge was (you guessed it) a little challenging. I had to make three separate pieces for a campaign involving any brand and create an adjective off of their brand name. I ended up choosing Absolut vodka, not because I necessarily enjoying drinking it, but mainly because I believe it had the potential to have a […]

Create a Product Description Document

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The SPF Lip Balm You Didn’t Know You Need This lip balm is called Clinique’s ‘Sun’ Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Advanced Protection Stick. Simply, this product not only protects against sun exposure, it also offers immediate relief of chap lips. Unlike other lip balms, this product can be used all over your face with added benefit … Continue reading Create a Product Description Document


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Type Connection: This game was centered around the different types of fonts and how they relate to one another. It was actually fun to see that different fonts are similar to one another, but it doesn’t mean they go together. Sometimes opposites do attract! Type War: I am so competitive and this game actually taught … Continue reading TYPOGRAPHY


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This McDonald’s Arch Card is a great example of the use of metaphors and symbols. It is also a example of minimalism as well because it uses simple visuals to tell a greater story. First, it incorporates McDonald’s iconic colors, red and yellow. Then, the french fries form a heart, which is a symbol of … Continue reading DESIGN BLITZ


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Hello fellow classmates! I’ve never been the type of person who can write a phenomenal introduction paragraph that fully describes who I am, but it’s worth a shot. My name is Audrey Gililland and I am currently a public relations major preparing to graduate in December 2017. My life is constantly changing, which keeps things […]